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My Pages On Different Subjects which Hyperlinked to all my Blog Posts

Science : My Blogs on various Science subjects.

 Animated Clips Of My Science Page

 Lists of Different Blogs on Science Subjects:
1) Neuroscience : a) Modern Research and Development.


Different Graphical Slides on Scientists and Science Created by Me For My Facebook Group COFFEE-HOUSE-ADDA

2) Space Science : a) Space exploration-2012  b) Astronomy.

b) Space Travel Rockets : Contribution of Indian ,Russian and American Astronaut

 c) Moon : Our Natural Satellite and Neighbour : Astronomy (1) 

d) Mercury : The Closest Planet to The Sun:

e) Venus : Often Called Earth`s Twin:

f) Mars : One of The Smallest Planet in our Solar System

g )  Jupiter : Largest Planet in  our Solar System

h) Saturn : The lord of The Rings

I) Uranus : A Tilted Giant :

j ) Neptune : A Blue Stormy Giant:

3) Study of Insects : a) Beetles World

      b) Spider and other Insects Toxin
       4)  Scientists : 
       a) Parfulla Chandra Roy : Bengali Scientist become great Businessman.
            b) Einstein : Great Formula and Blunder
                 c) Thomas Alva Edison
            d) Leonardo Da Vinci : Multi talented artist with Scientific Intellect

     e) Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose : Scientist ahead of time and Soul of a Sage

      5) Physics : 
    a) History of concept of Atom and Its Structure.
                   b) Optical Illusions : Science of Optical Illusions.


                c) Nuclear Fission and Fusion:
                d) ELECTRONICS :

g) Sound Waves and Its Characteristics: Science Behind Sound


i) Elementary Particles in atoms, Radioactivity: Internal anatomy of Atoms.

j) Newton`s Three Laws of Motion and Galileo`s Laws f Falling Bodies 

k) Gravity And Upthrust : Two Opposite Forces of Pull and Push.

l) Light Waves and X-Rays : Different forms of Light Waves 

j) Computer: Modern Digital Science Teacher as well as Multimedia Entertainer

j) Energy, Conservation of Energy and Machines to save Human Energy

k) Heat : Conduction, Convection , Radiation, Refrigerants 

k) Length, Time, Velocity, Weight : Four  Physical Quantities Which are measure very Frequently

l) Engines Car ,Ships and Aeroplane : Transport medium on Road, Water and Air.

m) Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre Kolkata, India : Activities , Particle Accelerator Machines History, Utilization of Cyclotron in different fields, Radioactive Ion Beams in Pictorial Slide Form.

     6) Biology,Genetics, Biochemistry, Micro Biology, Evolution :
           a) Microbial Origin & Life On Earth.
            b) Recombinant DNA Technology (Cloning)
            c) Glycolysis and Kreb`s Cycle.

 d) Photosynthesis : Most Important Oxygen Producing Reaction on Earth:

           e) Protein Synthesis : Transcription and Translation

f) Food Nutrients, Vitamins : Controls Our Body`s Physical Harmony and Growth

g) Human Genetic diseases: Abnormal Genetic permutation, combination during Human Cell-Division

h) Evolution : Most Interesting Solved Riddle From the time of Darwin to the Modern Age of Genetics.

i) Biochemistry Moleculer Story : Carbohydrates, Protein, Lipid and Nucleotides

j)  Origin of Life : Birth Story of Life on Earth

k) Blood and Immunity : Defence System Soldiers of Human Body against our external enemy like Bacteria, Virus etc.

l) Cell Division : Mitosis and Meiosis : Birth of new cells from old cells

m) Medelian Genetics:Genetic Permutation Combination of Pea and Flowers

n) Classification of Animals in Picture Slides Forms 

o) Human Skeleton System : Boney Inner Infrastructure of Human Body 

q) URINARY SYSTEM: Filter System of Human Body 

s) Human Digestive System : Internal Food Processing Unit of Human


w) Genetics : Lactose Operon, Mogan Studies of Inheritance,Linkage and Amino Acids

x) Tissues : Reservoir of different Cells for different Organs

y) Human Heart : Unique Pumping Muscle of Human Body

z) Proteins and Nucleotides : Major Raw Material of all Living organism: 3D Pictorial Description of Certain Important Proteins Part -1 


Proteins and Nucleotides : Major Raw Material of all Living organism: 3D Pictorial Description of Certain Important Proteins Part -2 

Proteins and Nucleotides : Major Raw Material of all Living organism: 3D Pictorial Description of Certain Important Proteins Part -3 

Human Brain : Most Advance Biological Machines of Universe Part (1)

Human Brain : Most Advance Biological Machines of Universe Part (2)

Spooky World of Quantum Biology : New Horizon of Molecular Biology

       7) Astronomy :  a) Big Solar Storm on January 24, 2012.
       8) Nanotechnology :  a) Next Revolution.
9) ROBOTS : May be the most faith-full companion of the Human Near Future 

       10) Paleontology :
            a) Indian Dinosaur
        b) Dinosaur Egg Haunt.

     11) Zoology:
     a) Wild-Life Photography During the wildlife event or Ocassions:


b) Some Unique Monkeys Of the World : Some Monkey Business:

g)  Some Unique Birds : Only Modern Inheritors of Extinct Dinosaurs

i) LYMPHATIC SYSTEM : Extra Drainage System of Our Body

j) My Unusual Experiment with Mobile Phone`s Camera on My Micro Microscope:

k) Human Female Reproductive Organs and Process of Reproduction

l) Human Male Reproductive Organs

EBOLA , MERS and JAPANESE ENCEPHALITIS : Three Deadly Virus Trio of Modern World

12) Chemistry:

a) Periodic Table : Pictorial Journey to Elements

b) Periodic Table : Pictorial Journey to Elements : Part 2

c) Chemical Bonds: Relationship Bonds Within the Atom Family Determine Element`s Nature.

d) Mixture Separation, Chemical Analysis : Giving Identity to Elements within any Mixtures and Compounds.

e) Thermochemistry : Catalysis : Properties of Water. 

f) Electro-Chemistry : Electrochemical Cells : Galvanic Cell ,Electroplating, Car Battery

g) Acids ,Bases, Salts : Famous Compound Trios in Chemistry:

h) CONCEPT OF HYBRIDIZATION AND ISOMERISM : Two Most Important Chracteristics To Form Bondings between Elements . 

i) Extraction of Iron From Iron Ore : Produce more Iron to Fulfill The Need of Iron During The  Modern Iron Age.


Organic Chemistry Part 1 : Aldehydes and Ketones:

Organic Chemistry Part 2 : Alcohols

Organic Chemistry Part 3 : Carboxylic Acids

Organic Chemistry Part 4 : Amines

Organic Chemistry Part 5 : Phenols

k) Copper , Lead , Magnesium , Aluminium Extraction Metallurgy. 

13) Defence Technology : Missiles, Rocket, other Military Arms

a) Agni-V Missile : Indian success story on Defence Technology which poses Challenge over Country Like China

14) Ecology Environment

a) Ecosystem & Food Web : Biological Relationship among the Organisms in terms of Food

b) Simple Ways to Save the Environment : Slide Posters Collages Created By Me

15) Mathematics

a) Geometry : Angles And Triangles : Basic Geometry- Part- I


Vedic Maths Post

16 ) Nobel Prize:


My Animated 3D Clips

http___makeagifcom_media_1-25-2013_yjncdu_zpsf08430e5.gif http___makeagifcom_media_1-25-2013_dcZIsS_zps45443cec.gif http___makeagifcom_media_1-26-2013_yzv3o4_zpsc6d6967d.gif http___makeagifcom_media_1-26-2013_ILE5z7_zps464ce4a1.gif