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Thursday 23 January 2014

Stories Of Creation: According to Brahma Purana in Comic Form

Stories Of Creation:

In the beginning, there is nothing, only an endess ocean. From the water emerged a golden egg.It broke open to eveal Brahma,Who had created himself within it. Emerging from the egg, Brahma started to make the universe - The earth, heaven and Human Beings. But this was Only the beginning of the events That was Take place On Brahma`s Earth. The aerogant king Vena tyrannised over creation.

The Earth herself Bhoomi Devi, became barren and inhositable. Later, the Powerful Prachetas Gve themselves up to meditation,abandoning the earth.

The Stories from Brahma Purana talk of the earth as it was, just after it was created, and of Brahma`s role in the cycle of creation.



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