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Wednesday 16 May 2012

Sukumar Roy : His Great Nonsese World of Abol Tabol Part-1

4 Poems From Sukumar Ray`s  Abol Tabol Those I posted here

 Sukumar Ray with his creations of Abol Tabol (Created by me (Manash Kundu) in 3D Max Software)
Sukumar Ray:
(1887–1923) was a Bengali humorous poet, story writer and playwright who mainly wrote for children. As perhaps the most famous Indian practitioner of literary nonsense, he is often compared to Lewis Carroll. His works such as the collection of poems "Aboltabol" (Bengali: আবোলতাবোল)("Gibberish"), novella "HaJaBaRaLa" (Bengali: হযবরল), short story collection "Pagla Dashu" (Bengali: পাগলা দাশু; "Crazy Dashu") and play "Chalachittachanchari" (Bengali: চলচিত্তচঞ্চরী) are considered nonsense masterpieces equal in stature to Alice in Wonderland, and are regarded as some of the greatest treasures of Bengali literature. More than 80 years after his death, Ray remains one of the most popular of children's writers in both West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Sukumar Ray was the son of famous children's story writer Upendrakishore Ray (Ray Chowdhury) and the father of legendary Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray and grandfather of famous Bengali filmmaker Sandip Ray.

Life of Sukumar Roy:
In 1906, Ray graduated with Hons. in Physics and Chemistry from the Presidency College, Kolkata. He was trained in photography and printing technology in England at the School of Photo-Engraving and Lithography, London, and was a pioneer of photography and lithography in India. While in England, he also delivered lectures about the songs of Rabindranath before he (Tagore) won the Nobel Prize. Meanwhile, Sukumar had also drawn acclaim as an illustrator. As a technologist, he also developed new methods of halftone blockmaking, and technical articles about this were published in journals in England.

Upendrakishore started a publishing firm, U. Ray and Sons, which Sukumar and Subinay helped to run. While Sukumar went to England to learn printing technology, Upendrakishore purchased land, constructed a building, and set up a printing press with facilities for high-quality halftone colour blockmaking and printing. He also launched the children's magazine, "Sandesh" (Bengali: সন্দেশ). Very soon after Sukumar's return from England, Upendrakishore died, and Sukumar ran the printing and publishing businesses and the Sandesh (magazine) for about eight years. His younger brother Subinoy helped him, and many relatives pitched in writing for "Sandesh".

Book Cover of Sukumar Ray Complete Creation

Apart from the cultural and creative activities, Sukumar Ray was also a young man who was a leader of the reformist wing in the Brahmo Samaj. The Barahmo Samaj is the monotheistic unitarian branch of Hinduism launched by Raja Rammohan Roy following the philosophy of the monotheistic Hindu scripture Isha-Upanishad of 7th Century BC. Sukumar Ray wrote a long poem "Atiter Katha" (Bengali: অতীতের কথা), which was a popular presentation of the history of the Brahmo Samaj—it was published as a small booklet to introduce the rationale of the Brahmo Samaj to children. Sukumar also campaigned to bring in Rabindranath Tagore, the most famous Brahmo of his time, as a leader of the Samaj.

Sukumar Ray died on September 10, 1923 of severe infectious fever, leishmaniasis, for which there was no cure at the time. He left behind his widow and their only child, Satyajit. Satyajit Ray would later become the most well known of Indian filmmakers and shoot a documentary on Sukumar Ray in 1987, 5 years before his own death.

Book Cover of Sukumar Ray`s "Abol Tabol"

Abol Tabol:
Sukumar Roy`s one of the best literally creation was "Abol Tabol" . Abol Tabol was unique journey towards nonsense world with a childish simplicity and intellectual insight. "Abol Tabol" can only compared with the "Alice in The Wonderland" . Different unique characters like Hansjaru, Kathburo, Bombagarer Raja can transformed readers to the unique beautiful world of Abol Tabol Where anyone can freely and lovingly lost their soul and mind after facing regular hardcore working life.

Here I created some of 21 characters and animations in 3D Max  from  21 poems of Sukumar Roy`s Abol Tabol which I Gradually post here with English Translation in a Four Poem Series.

3D picture of Bombagarer Raja created by Manash Kundu

Poem Bombagarer Raja With 3D Picture

The King of Bombaria

         In the land of Bombaria
         The customs are peculiar.
         The king, for instance, advocates
         Gilded frames for chocolates.
         The queen, who seldom goes to bed
         Straps a pillow round her head.
         The courtiers- or so I'm told-
         Turn cartwheels when they have a cold:
         ... The King's old aunt- an autocrat-
         Hits pumpkins with her cricket bat
         While Uncle loves to dance Mazurkas
         Wearing garlands strung with hookaha.
         All of this, though mighty queer,
         Is natural in Bombaria.

                                                     Translated by Satyajit Ray
                                                               The Bengali version is "Bombagarer Raja".

3D picture of Goph Churi created by Manash Kundu

Poem Goph Churi With 3D Picture

                          The Stolen Moustache

                                 The Head office's Big Boss, a kind and gentle soul,
                                 He never raised his temper or ordered heads to roll,
                                 Until one day - a curious site, he acted rather rash,
                                 While sitting quietly in his chair, his mind had gone abash.
                                  He startled awake with his arms and legs stretched,
                                  His eyes grew larger as his stomach had wretched.
                                  He suddenly screamed with a quake in his call
                                  "Come pick me up quickly! Before I fall!"
                                  The people around him ran upstairs and down, 
                                  Calling for a policeman, or doctor in town.
                                 "Pick him up carefully! he's likely to bite!"
                                   Said a worried employee who's  only half right -
                                  The Head office's big boss, had made a strange claim
                                "My mustache has been stolen and you're the one's to blame!"
                                  To lose an entire mustache is really quite absurd,
                                 His mustache was in fact, in place! (a mirror had affirmed).

                                 Angry as an eggplant, frying deep in oil,
                                 The big boss's blood had come to a boil,
                                "I know what you're all like, you don't fool me,
                                 Your mustache is like a broom, unkempt and dirty!
                                 If you say I keep my mustache like a milk man's - all ragged and worn,
                                 I'll butcher you like animals, and then you'll know my scorn!"
                                 He wrote in his notebook citations and fines,
                                 With a cough and a gasp, he wrote one more line:
                                  "These knuckle-headed bumpkins, all crooked and vile,
                                   You give them an inch, and they'll take a mile!"
                                   He scowled at the group, thinking what to do next,
                                   "I should grab them by their collars and grate their heads with their desks!”
                                    A mustache is a funny thing, it can't be bought or sold,
                                    It tells the story of a man “ be he rich, or poor; young or old.

3D picture of Khichuri Island created by Manash Kundu

Poem Khichuri Island With 3D Picture

                                                                   STEW  MUCH

                                 A duck once met a porcupine ; they formed a corporation
                                 Which called itself a Porcuduck ( a beastly conjugation ! ).
                                 A stork to a turtle said, "Let's put my head upon your torso ;
                                 We who are so pretty now, as Stortle would be more so !"
                                 The lizard with the parrot's head thought : taking to the chilli
                                  After years of eating worms is absolutely silly.
                                 A prancing goat - one wonders why - was driven by a need
                                 To bequeath its upper portion ta a crawling centipede.
                                  The giraffe with grasshopper's limbs reflected : Why should I
                                  Go for walks in grassy fields, now that I can fly ?
                                  The nice contented cow will doubtless get a frightful shock
                                   On finding that its lower lombs belong to a fighting cock.
                                    It's obvious the Whalephant is not a happy notion :
                                    The head goes for the jungle, while the tail turns to the ocean,
                                    The lion's lack of horns distressed him greatly, so
                                     He teamed up with a dear - now watch his antlers grow !

3D picture of Sat Patra created by Manash Kundu

Poem Sat Patra With 3D Picture

                                                                    The Suitable Groom

                                                    Heard your daughter's getting married,
                                                From Posta, the news I carried.
                                                    Gangaram, the groom you chose,
                                                 I wish to describe, the quality he owes.
                                                     Now listen, listen, Hark, Hark!
                                                 His complexion is awfully dark.
                                                     His facial cutting, is somewhat round,
                                                  Rather an owl, just to sound.
                                                      Education? Oh, just wait!
                                                  Not so bright under any rate.
                                                       Nineteen times he had to pluck,
                                                   Till he left for his rotten luck.
                                                          Financial career? Poor indeed,
                                                    Somehow makes both ends meet.
                                                         And his brothers who are there,
                                                     Rather inhuman, know you dear.
                                                         One is stubborn, the other insane,
                                                      Quite a troupe of hollow men.
                                                          Oh, I missed the other two
                                                      Real gems are they, not to rue.
                                                          One was smart, but now in prison,
                                                      Forged bank notes, (So petty a reason!)
                                                           The youngest one in profession grand
                                                      Earns five bucks from a rustic band.
                                                           And Gangaram -- is real meek,
                                                      Weak, feeble, and always sick.
                                                           But they are royal, Is that clear?
                                                       Tell you, they are King Kansha's heirs.
                                                           And Shyam Lahiri of Banagram,
                                                        Is somehow kin to Gangaram.
                                                             Overall the groom is not so bad,
                                                        Cheer up, cheer up, don't be sad.

  Translated by Ruchira Ghosh
              The Bengali version is "Sat Patro"

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