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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Pradyumna Comics : Kama reborn and Eldest son of Lord Krishna and Rukmini.


Daksha, Shiva`s father-in-law, had never given his ascetic son-in-law the respect due to him. Sati, Daksha`s daughter, unable to bear the continued insults meted out to them, consumed her body in a fire generated by her own powers. The grief stricken Shiva after punishing Daksha, forgave him and then entered his grove on the Himalayas to meditate.

Meanwhile, Tarakasura, an enemy of the Devas, invaded heaven. When the Devas went to Brahma for help he told them that Sati, reborn as Parvati,the daughter of Himavan, was destined to marry Shiva. The son born Of Shiva would lead them to victory over the evil Asura. Impatient to win back his kingdom, Indra , King of the Devas, sent Kama, the God of Love, with Rati, his wife, to awake Shiva to the Charms of Parvati. Kama Succeeded but an enraged Shiva burnt him to ashes with the fire of his wrath. How the bereft Rati was reunited with her beloved husband is retold in the story of Pradyumna who was Kama reborn and Eldest son of Lord Krishna and Rukmini.

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