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My Pages On Different Subjects which Hyperlinked to all my Blog Posts

History & Archaeology : My Blog Posts on the Subject History, Modern History, Literature, Mythology and Archaeology.

Lists of Different Blogs on History , Modern History, Mythology  and  Literature Subjects:
1) Archaeology :
a) Chandraketugarh : May be the Ancient Port of Bengal?
     b) Rediscovering  Indus Valley.
c) Saraswati River : Where lies the mystry?
    d) Indus Valley civilization was the continuation of Vedic age.
    e) Crete : Was Lost Atlantis in Crete and Dwarka ?

f)  Angkor Wat : Largest Hindu Temples in Modern Cambodia

g) Stone Age People : Discovery of Haunting Tools , Fire and Creative Cave Paintings. 

2) History & Religion :

a) Amir Khusrow : Royal Poet During Sultani era of Indian History.


b) Renaissance : The Rebirth of Europe:

c) Jesus Christ : True son of supreme God who believed that the kingdom of God present only in Pure human mind, not in a Temple or King`s Throne

d) Lord Buddha : 9th Reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, Spread the Power of Peace ,Brotherhood and Non-Violence

 e) Ashoka the Great : Great King of Ancient India who conquer and transform his own Evil part (Chandashoka) into Auspicious Part (Dharmasoka): Pictorial (Graphic) story form

3) Modern History & Great Event and Day

a) World Renowned Former Leader in Cartoon Form :

i) Raja Ram Mohan Roy : Father of Renaissance in Bengal as well as India.

4) Mythology:

5) Literature :

a) William Shakespeare:

b) Rabindranath Tagore : Graphical representation of poems From Katha o Kahini (Part 1) 

c) Rabindranath Tagore : Graphical Representation of Poems From Katha-o-Kahini (Part-2)

c) Michael Madhusudan Dutta : Great Forgotten Poet of Bengal

e) Sukumar Roy : His Great Nonsese World of Abol Tabol Part-1

f) Sukumar Roy : His Great Nonsese World of Abol Tabol Part-2

g) Sukumar Roy : His Great Nonsese World of Abol Tabol Part-3


i) Sukumar Roy : His Great Nonsense World of Abol Tabol Part-5

j) Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay : Master Storyteller and most Popular Bengali novelist .

6) Different Unique Places of the World :

a) Hawaii : Favourite Holiday destination of Santa Clause

b) Madagascar: Beautiful Country of Lemurs and highest number Chameleon

c) Seychelles : May Be the Garden of Eden of Africa

d) Macau : Gambling Las Vegas of Asia


My Animated 3D Clips

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