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My Pages On Different Subjects which Hyperlinked to all my Blog Posts

Indrajal Comics,Amar Chitra Katha, Comics and Other Graphic Novel etc

Pages on Indrajal Comics,Amar Chitra Katha, Comics and Other Graphic Novel etc


Different Garphic Novels

 Professor Shanku (Congo Adventure)  Bengali Comics:

Ekhsringa Avijan-Part 1 (Graphical Comics of Professor Shonku in Bengali)

 Bidhu Daroga (Bengali Comics) :

Mayukh Chowdhury : Forgotten Bengali Comic Strips Writer with Huge Talent : Two Historic Comic Strips (In Bengali) From Him:

l) Famous three musketeers of Narayan Debnath Comics: "Batul The Great", "Handa Bhonda "and "Nonte Fonte"

 Handa Bhonda Bengali Comics:

Bantul the great Comics : Bantul and Animals

Indrajal Comics : 

Phantom : SuperHero Without SuperPower

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Lonely Phantom

Indrajal Phantom Comics : Roar of Maneater Tiger in Denkali

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Trial By Fire

Indrajal Phantom Comics : Mystery of Vampire Castle

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Masked Assassin

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Stranger in Desert

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Tugs of Denkali

Indrajal Comics Phantom : Secret of Phantoms

Indrajal Phantom Comics: The Golden Wood

Indrajal Phantom Comics :Gold or Death

Indrajal Phantom Comics : Head Hunter of Tirangi

Indrajal Phantom Comics : Marriage of Phantom

Indrajal Phantom Comics : Jungle Olympics

Indrajal Phantom Comics : Conspiracy of Terakimo

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Forbidden Forest

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Lost City

Indrajal; Phantom Comics: Phantom and Swamp Dragon(Prehistoric Dinosaur)

Indarjal Phantom Comics: Phantom and Black Magician Hugan

Indrajal Comics Phantom:Phantom and Modern Pitares

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Witch of The fog covered Hill

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Phantom`s Teaching

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Blood Sucking Spiders

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Spirit Of Bandor

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Final Proposal

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Horror of Volcano Hill

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Phantom and Death Trap

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Phantom and Angry Cave Demon

Indrajal Phantoms Comics: Disaster at Nandan Kanan

Indrajal Phantom Comics : When Phantom Live Ordinary Life

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Crazy King Mad For Marriage (Published on 1970) No: 92

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Spirits Of Deserts

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Curse of a Black Pearl

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Treasure of Tegar

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Verdict Of Phantom

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Wonder of Phantom`s Skull Cave

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Gold Hunt

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Star Diamond of Dangala

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Death Valley

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Blood Thirsty Goons

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Sleepless Devils


Phantom Indrajal Comics : Invincible Phantom

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Dream of Little People


Phantom Indrajal Comics: Devil`s Heaven

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Cruel Princess

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Tear of Jungle

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Attack of Treasure Hunter

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Mystry of Denkali

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Stranger on Skull Cave

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Hand of Danger

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Phantom and Gorilla Child

Indrajal Phantom Comics: Walker`s Table

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Blind Phantom

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Mystery of The Ocean Cave

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Phantom and Missing link

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Iron Demon

Phantom Indrajal Comics : A day at Nandan Kanan

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Bad People at Nandankanan

Phantom Indrajal comics : Phantom and Magician`s Dolls

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Blood Soaked Diamond


Phantom Indrajal Comics : Black Pearl Necklace

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Phantom and terrible Tourists

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Phantom and the City of Goons

Phantom Indrajal story : Jungle Justice Part 1

Phantom Indrajal story : Jungle Justice Part 2

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Prisnor of White Castle

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Peacekeeper of Jungle (part 1)

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Peacekeeper of Jungle (Part 2)

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Unusual Tournament

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Birth of 22nd Phantom (Part-1)

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Birth Of 22nd Phantom (Part-2)

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Diamond Treasury of Korba:

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Mystry of lost Diamonds:

Phantom Indrajal comics: Bad People at Nandankanan

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Diana in the hand of bank Robberers:

Indrajal Comics Phantom :Prisoner on Mid Sea

Mandrake The Magician : First Superhero who Master in Mindgame

Mandrake Comics :Valley Of Magic:

Mandrake Indrajal Comic : Face to face with Danger

Mandrake Indrajal Comics: Spirits From Deep

Mandrake Indrajal Comics : Wonder Witch of Unknown Path

Mandrake and Phantom Indrajal Comics : Black Magician

Mandrake Indrajal Comics:Mandrake and Alien From Future

Mandrake Indrajal Comics: King Of The Distant Cloud World

Mandrake Indrajal Comics: Prisoner of Crazy Sultan

Mandrake Indrajal Comics: History of Nightmares

Mandrake Indrajal Comics : Alien From a Distance sta


Mandrake Indrajal Comics: Scent effect of Crazy Scientist

Mandrake Indrajal Comics: Evil Eye (Part-1):

Mandrake Indrajal Comics: Evil Eye (Part-2):

Mandrake Indrajal Comics: Evil Eye (Part-3)

Mandrake: Lost City Of Treasure


Flash Gordon : Unique Forgotten Earth Comic Hero Who Have His Actions on Planet Mogol and With Evil King Ming

Indrajal Flash-Gordon Comics : Call of Death

Amar Chitra Katha

 Amar Chitra Katha  Comics : Tripura (Indian Mythology):

  Ganga (Comics) : Ancient Hindu Tale about Birth of Holy Sacred River Ganga

Samundra-Manthan (Comics) : The Churning Of The Ocean (Ancient Hindu Mythical Story About Churning Nector From Ocean)

 Rabindranath Tagore : Life of Great Poet in Comics Form

Gopal  Bhar  Comics :

 Zarathustra: Great Prophet Who spread new religion which was the Teaching of Great God Ahuramazda: Also in Comics Form:

 Miraculous Conch (Pictorial Comics) : Folktales From India 

The Birbal Comics : The Clever Birbal was The Smartest Companion of Great Mughal King Akbar.

Amar Chitra Katha Birbal Story: The inimitable Birbal

 Birth Story of Lord Krishna in Comics Form.


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