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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mandrake The Magician : First Superhero who Master in Mindgame

Lee Falk born Leon Harrison Gross (April 28, 1911 - March 13, 1999), was an American writer, theater director and producer, best known as the creator of the popular comic strips The Phantom (1936-present) and Mandrake the Magician (1934-2013). At the height of their popularity, these strips attracted over 100 million readers every day. Falk also wrote short stories, and he contributed to a series of pulp novels about The Phantom

Mandrake The Magician and his best friend Lothar Created By Me (Manash Kundu) in 3D Max 

Mandrake the Magician:

Created by Lee Falk (famous for the Phantom) in 1934, Mandrake the Magician is one of the earliest superheroes in modern existence appearing in a self-titled comic strip. Often accompanied by his friend Lothar, Mandrake is a master of hypnotism that travels the globe battling evil. Mandrake’s father Theron is the headmaster of the College of Magic in the Himalayas where he guards the Mind Crystal (Mandrake guards its twin). Mandrake’s gravest enemy was his half brother Luciphor who, under the guise of the Cobra, sought at least one of the two Mind Crystals. It is contended the character was based on real life magician Leon Giglio who toured as Mandrake the Magician and whose first wife Narda made the jump to the comic strip

Mandrake The Magician and his best friend Lothar in front of their House Xanadu Created By Me (Manash Kundu) in 3D Max 

Long before Superman fell to Earth from the planet Krypton, long before Batman skulked in the shadows, before Spiderman shot his first web and the assorted costumed guardians inhabited the comic world – there was one man who fought crime with a mere gesture of his hand and the power of super-fast hypnosis.

His hair always perfectly coifed with Brylcreem, his rakish moustache perfectly shaped, his topcoat and tails never smudged, his cape draped artfully, his walking stick/magic wand ever poised, this man possessed the extraordinary ability to create illusions and fugue the mind of the ne’er do wells. He learnt his skills in a mystic retreat in the Himalayas and fights to protect the Earth not only from criminal masterminds but also from interdimensional beings.

Aided by his friend and companion Lothar and often by his lady love Narda, this man knows no fear. By virtue of his first appearance in comic books in 1934, many will agree that he is indeed the worlds first superhero.

Mandrake The Magician and his best friend Lothar Created By Me (Manash Kundu) in 3D Max 

Mandrake Comics

Important Characters in Mandrake Comics :


Mandrake's best friend and companion in the former's fight against crime, Lothar is the 'Prince of seven nations' who left Africa to join Mandrake to travel the world, abdicating his right to become the future king. Lothar was always portrayed as Mandrake's friend and equal- something unique in 1934. He is called the 'strongest man in the world' due to his sheer physical prowess and his unique physique helps extract Mandrake from many a fix where Magic may not work. Lothar's girlfriend is African Princess and supermodel 'Karma'.


Princess Narda has been Mandrake's companion and girlfriend since the inception of the comics. She is from the European nation of Cockaigne ( ruled by her brother Segrid) - although in some stories she has appeared as Mandrake's (Magician's) assistant, she has been his lady love until they eventually wed two years before Falk's death in 1997. This triple wedding took place in Xanadu ( Mandrake's residence), In Narda's home country and in the Collegium Magikos in Himalayas under the blessings of Mandrake's father Theron.


No one knows how old Mandrake's father Theron is. He is kept alive atop the Himalayas at the Collegium Magikos by the power of the mind crystals. Mandrake can communicated with his father through telepathy at key moments. Theron is both the headmaster of the Collegium and the guardian of the Mind Crystals. He has other children that Mandrake comes to learn about in later stories. Mandrake has a twin called Derek who has similar powers to him but uses them for nefarious purposes and a younger half-sister called Lenore.


Mandrake's chef at his secret residence Xanadu, Hojo is skilled not only in the culinary arts but also is a deft hand (and feet) at Martial arts. Hojo is also the chief of an international crimefighting organisation called Inter-Intel that seeks Mandrake's help in solving global crimes.

The Cobra

Mandrake chief antagonist is the criminal mastermind Cobra. After being defeated initially, Cobra returns to Mandrake's life wearing a silver mask and all the more menacing than before. Later Mandrake learns that The Cobra is actually Luciphor, Therons older son and step-brother to Mandrake ( It seems Theron has been busy in his long existence spawning many children who come back to aid or haunt Mandrake!)


Mandrake Bengali Comics Named "The Sacred City of Gold" (Sonar Sahar El-Dorado):

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