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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Cyprus : Birthplace of Aphrodite, the most famous mythical God of Love and Beauty : One of the beautiful mediterranean island .

Picture of Cyprus Page From My Atlas-World Software


Cyprus, a onetime Greek colony and the site of many military incursions over the centuries, is still today, an island in conflict between two opposing factions. 

Aphrodite's Rock, Petra tou Romiou, Paphos, Cyprus.

The southern part of this Mediterranian island (the Greek Area) is called the Republic of Cyprus, and is controlled by the officially recognized Cyprus government. 

About one-third of Cyprus is occupied by Turkey, and they call it the Republic of Northern Cyprus. That claim is not recognized by the United Nations, or any other country. 

Because of a Turkish invasion in 1974, the United Nation's established a buffer zone (colored gray), and that zone runs through the middle of the island, dissecting the capital city of Nicosia. 

Even though Cyprus gained its independence from the UK in 1960, there remains two British sovereign bases on the island. (colored yellow) 

Leadership in Cyprus Tourism.

Through it all, this ancient island remains a popular regional tourist destination, one famed for its sunny weather and fascinating history. 

The Sanctuary of Aphrodite.

The Cyprus maps and information pages are currently being revised, and will be posted soon. 

Quick Facts and Figures 

Population 793,100, and that number does not include the estimated 115,000 Turks in the north. 

Languages Greek (official), English, Turkish 

Currency Greek Area: Euro, Turkish Area: Turkish Lira 

Picture of Turkish Lira 

Landforms : A narrow band of mountains (the Kyrenia) slices across the north, while in the south, the Troodos Mountains dominate. 

Picture of Mountains (the Kyrenia)

Mt. Olympus is the highest point, at 6,403 ft.

Mt. Olympus is the highest point, at 6,403 ft., (1,951m). A somewhat fertile plain crosses the center of the island, with Nicosia at the southern end. The only rivers of size include the Pedias and Kariyoti.

Interesting Facts About Cyprus 

Since Cyprus is a Commonwealth Republic, every four years, it sends a team of its athletes to the Commonwealth games.

The head of the country is the President, who is elected by Universal suffrage. The President is elected for a five-year term.


Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus. It is divided by "The Green Line", into two parts.

Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus

Cyprus has a total area of 9,250 and has a coastline of around 400 miles, which runs all the way round the country.

In the whole of Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is the third largest island. In the world ranking, it stands as the 81st largest island.

The country has a population of 788,457 people, according to the 2007 census.
Cyprus uses Euro as its currency, which is the currency of more than 300 million people throughout the continent.

The country is sometimes spelled as Kipros, Kypros, and other such variations.
The national anthem of Cyprus is called 'Hymm', which is incidentally the national anthem of Greece as well.


Aphrodite, the most famous mythical God is said to have born in the country. 


The Sanctuary of Aphrodite.

She  is the Greek God of love and beauty.

United Kingdom still has control over 3% of the island.

Cyprus has abundant sunshine for almost 300 days every year.

The weather of Cyprus is mild. It has a Mediterranean sort of climate, with an abundance of sunshine even during the winter months, with very little rainfall. During summer season, the temperatures can go as high as 40 degrees C.

View of beach in Cyprus.

The country is a great tourist spot, with its numerous coastal beaches and the stunning mountain ranges.

The Republic of Cyprus has six districts in total - Nicosia, Paphos, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Larnaca and Limmassol.

Cyprus has a prosperous economy. The island gets a major share of its income from the tourism sector.

Poster of Cyprus Music

The traditional music of the country shares many similarities with the Greek mainland and island folk music. 

Common instruments used in the folk music of Cyprus

The most common instruments used in the folk music of the country are lute, violin and the Cyprus flute called “pithkiavlin”.

Typical dances of the land include sousta

Typical dances of the land include sousta, tatsia, syrtos, zeibekikos and the karsilamas.

Hellium cheese, popularly called halloumi

Hellium cheese, popularly called halloumi, is a product of this country that was initially made during the Medieval Byzantine period. 

the cheese gained popularity throughout the Middle East

Gradually, the cheese gained popularity throughout the Middle East.

MAIN TRADING PARTNERS: Its main trading partners are the EU as well as East European and Arab countries. 

Agricultural Industry In Cyprus

MAIN PRIMARY PRODUCTS: Asbestos, Beans, Carob, Citrus Fruits, Chromium, Clay, Copper, Grapes, Gypsum, Iron Ore, Marble, Olives, Potatoes, Pyrite, Salt, Vegetables, Wheat. 

Petroleum Rigs in Cyprus

MAJOR INDUSTRIES: Agriculture, Cement, Chemicals, Fishing, Food Processing, Mining, Non Electric Machinery, Petroleum Refining, Textiles and Clothing, Tourism, Wine Making. 


MAIN EXPORTS: Asbestos, Cement, Chemicals, Cigarettes, Citrus Fruits, Footwear, Potatoes, Wine.

The wildlife of Cyprus

The wildlife of Cyprus includes its flora and fauna and their natural habitats. Cyprus has a rich flora and a diverse fauna albeit with relatively few mammals.

Nathusius' Pipistrelle (Pipistrellus nathusii) is a small bat in the pipistrelle genus.

Cypriot Mouflon.

The Karpass donkey is a rare landrace of donkey native to the Karpass Peninsula of Cyprus.

 Like most modern countries, the natural habitats in Cyprus have been steadily disappearing, currently retaining only 18% of its original habitat due to rapid urbanization, usage of forests for commercial purposes, tourism and various other reasons. 

The Bar-tailed Godwit Bird (Limosa lapponica) is a large wader in the family Scolopacidae

The Arctic Tern (Sterna paradisaea) is a seabird of the tern family Sternidae.

One of the unique features of Cyprus' habitats is the wild and sharp differences in elevations and habitats in different parts of the island as well as different climate conditions, all of which supply a diverse habitat for a unique array of fauna and flora.

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