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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kabir Suman : Iconic Bengali GaanWallah .

3D Model Of Kabir Suman With His Performing pictures and First Song Album (Created By Me in 3D Max Sofware)

Kabir Suman (Ganwallah):

If The  one song Album became the Icon of Changing Face of the Bengali Song then Kabir Suman`s  "Tomake Chai" Album was the name. This unique and revolutionary Song Album of Kabir Suman was came into existence just 20 years back in the year 1992 on this day 23rd April.

Picture of First Song Album Of Kabir Suman

I think no other Bengali song album create this type of hype and sensation among the Bengali Community. Every words of the every song was highly expressive and very Modern in respect to that time. The Impact of those song and its words was highly multiplied with Kabir Suman`s Baritone Voice.

Every song on this album cover some Unique Subjects. Therefore Each song create a unique story line with Physical Entity. For example the song "Pagol" , It described the Madman Of Calcutta`s Footpath.

Another Song Named "Tomake Chai" ,It described the Essential presence of a Person (Usually Female) in every important aspect of life of another person.

Kabir Suman Also try to rediscover the revolutionary Socialist Thinking and Communal Harmony among the Bengali community through his songs. Simple word of his songs help to express deep social messages Like  " Hal Cherona Bandhu Borong Kantha Charo Jorey" in a very  easy way. For That reason this song album produce Iconic respect among the Bengali Community.

Picture of Kabir Suman Stage Performance in Prestigious Presidency College of Calcutta

It Create Sensation and Madness (On The Thought process) among the whole young generation of that time. Kabir Suman also create a firm Platform and audience for future bengali Singer and song Writer who try to Sang different type of Bengali songs other Than Rabindra-Sangeet, Nazrul-giti and other Bengali Movie-Song, among them the Famous one were 1) Anjan Dutta 2) Nachiketa.

Another Picture of Stage performance of Kabir Suman

Even Modern Days Bengali Band Like 1) ChandraBindu 2) Bhumi 3) Rupam Islam (Fossil Band Group) also the product of this revolutionary approach of Kabir Suman during 90s toward the bengali songs.

3D Pictuer of Kabir Suman Created by Me (Manash Kundu) on 3D-Max Software

Kabir Suman is the person who untied the Bengali songs from the age old Rabindra-Sangeet, Nazrul - Giti , Bengali-Movie songs Culture to New  Notun Diner Gaan and Band Culture.

Kabir Suman To Our Group and Page COFFEE-HOUSE-ADDA

 Listen The Song Of Kabir Suman From his First Album " Hal Cherona Bandhu Borong Kantha Charo Jorey"

 Listen The Song Of Kabir Suman From his First Album "Pagol"

 Listen The Song Of Kabir Suman From his First Album " Chena Dukho Chena Sukh"

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