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My Pages On Different Subjects which Hyperlinked to all my Blog Posts

Socio-Economic,Philosophy , Ancient Religious Posts

Blog Post on Socio-Economic,Philosophy , Ancient Religious Subjects.

1) Socio Economic Post:

a) Greed and Debt are two Major forces for Economic growth and also Destruction.

2) Ancient Religious and Scientific Post (Comparative study to search the truth of Life)

a) Questions asked by the Son to His Father


b) Our Thought have much higher speed than nutrino and light.


c) Trimurti : Brahma (The Creator) , Vishnu (The Presever), Shiva (The Destroyer For Divine change).

d) Zarathustra: Great Prophet Who spread new religion which was the Teaching of Great God Ahuramazda: Also in Comics Form 

e) Hindu God and Goddess : Created in 3D Software by Me (Manash Kundu)

f) Goddess or Devi Durga according to ancient hindu Purana was the Ultimate Form of Mahamaya (Prakriti or Female Counterpart of Universe) or Devi Parvati 

Vishwakarma - Lord of Architecture: Ancient Hindu God of Engineering

g) Christmas : Most Celebrated Festival of The World

3) Movie , Sports Movie-Star, Sports-Person and Movie,Sport  Related Posts:

a) Soumitra Chartterjee : One Of the Finest Actor of India

h) Football: Most Popular and Famous Outdoor game around the World.

Group Matches Summery of A , B , C , D World Cup Football Brazil 2014 (Part -1)

Group Matches Summery of E , F , G , H World Cup Football Brazil 2014 (Part -2)

Group of 16 Match Summery of World Cup Football 2014 Brazil

Quater Final , Semi-Final and Final Match Summery in Graphical Slide Form of World Cup Football Brazil 2014


My Animated 3D Clips

http___makeagifcom_media_1-25-2013_yjncdu_zpsf08430e5.gif http___makeagifcom_media_1-25-2013_dcZIsS_zps45443cec.gif http___makeagifcom_media_1-26-2013_yzv3o4_zpsc6d6967d.gif http___makeagifcom_media_1-26-2013_ILE5z7_zps464ce4a1.gif