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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Sanyasi :An Indian Sage

From the early days India was known for the philosophical intellect and also known for Sadhu, Sanyashi and Fakir to the foreign countries. This knowledge of philosophical intellect is speard among the Indian people`s heart and brain, therefore Indian people usually thought from heart instead from the brain and very peacefull to the core.

Indian always welcome every other religion and outsider with joy and friendly gesture. Like Europian and

 other Middle east countries India donot want to attack and conquer other nations instead they conquer the heart of the nation by speading love and nonviolence from the time of great King Ashoka.

Many religions that spread across the world like Vedicism(Hindu) , Buddhism and Jainasm were originated from India. Swami Vivekananda was one of the first enlighten person who spread the Vedicism around America and England. Swamiji was follow the path of Sanyashi ( Who gave up all earthly belongings to attain mokhsa or Nirvana) as well as dedicated his life for the welfare of the people.

According to vedic philosophy every human must try to attain four goals in every physical birth which are 1) Dharma (Knowledge) 2) Artha (Money) 3) Kama (Physical satisfaction after marriage ) 4) Mokhsa ( Attain Nirvana). 

Vedic philosophy also divide human life into four phases(Ashrama) which are:

1) Brahmacharya : During young age people must gather knowledge and wisdom to attain Dharma (Knowledge) by simple living and high thinking.

2) Grihastha : During this age one must married and live a happy domestic life with children. At This age, people must earn money (Artha) to look after and prosper his family and also fulfill his or her physical need (Kama).

3) Vanaprastha : is part of the Vedic ashram system, which starts when a person hands over household responsibilities to the next generation, takes an advisory role, and gradually withdraws from the world and step forward towards Mokhsa.

4) Sanyash : In this last part of Vedic ashram every people gave up all her  earthly belongings  and do the meditation to attain Mokhsa(Nirvana).

The People who follow the path of Sanyash are known as Sanyashi . In modern society most of the people  try hard to achive Knowledge(Dharma) , Money (Artha) Kama(Physical need during Marriage) in his or her life but they forget about Mokhsa (Nirvana) but Sanyashi are those few people who gave up every physical things to attain Mokhsha by severe Meditation in the extreme interior of the nature ( Inaccessible part of nature like dense forest or high Himalayan mountain) . They increase their mental powers by some yogic exercises  which help them to realize and feel the grand architectures of nature which created by great ultimate power known as Supreme God. Some of them like Vivekananda who return to physical world for welfare of the poor people of India after attaining moksha in his Lifetime. Thus every true Sanyashi (In modern society most of the Sanyashi are fake ) are nobel and respectable .

3D max File of Sadhu

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