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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Durga Puja - 2016

KUMORTULI: One of The Best God Making Factory (Joking, Actually Hindu God Idol Making Factory) in India.

One of The best place where Divinity and Art co-existed at same time . Its our bad luck that this beautiful place is very unorganized and untidy. Our government must take step to improve this place with proper guidance from Academy of Fine Art`s authority and students.

Each and every idol is a pure work of art . Some untidy blob of clay and straw metamorphosed into beautiful Durga Idol with the Midas touch of the idol artists (Kumor in bengali) of Kumortulli. Their creation is not only beautiful but is of no sort of artistic values compare to the famous sculptures or artists.

My KUMORTULI Visit Before-Mahalaya:

Pandal Hopping During Durga Puja Days:

Baghbazar-Pally-Puja at Gourimata Park

Beadon street-Sarbojanin

Bullygange-Culatural-Durga Idol

Duga-Idol of Salt lake-BDBlock.

Duga-Idol-At Kumartully-Sarbojanin.

Duga-Isol At deshapriya Park.

Dugra-Idol-Of BullygangeCaltural.

Durga-Idol-at Baghbazar.




Durga-Idolat Hatibagan

Jeliatolla-Girish Park-Nobodurga

Idol-Near Bullygange-Cultural.


Tarun Sporting-Club-gorishPark

Kite-Pandal-of Tarun-sportingClub

Kumartully-Park Puja Pandal

Pandal of-Jeliatolla-Nabadurga



Salt-Lake-Fd-Block-Puja Pandal.

Puja Pandal At G.D Block

Salt-Lake-Fd-Block-Puja Pandal

Puja-Pandal-At Ahiritolla

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