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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Phantom Indrajal comics: Bad People at Nandankanan

This story started when Mark the rich person came to Dangala for hunting expedition to collect lots of hunting trophies (Preserved form of dead hunted animals ). Mark meet with Ivance (Best Jungle guide) who take them to Moutan`s Jungle police office for hunting licence. They were informed that hunting these endangered animals like Rhino, Hippo Lion, Cheetah etc were prohibited.

They can only hunt Zebra, Black Buck, Deer but they have to deposit flesh of dead animals to Dr Axel`s hospital. Mark does not pleased with the restriction rules . Mark and guide Ivance planned to go to the undiscovered areas of Jungle with their helicopter for more and unrestricted hunt. 

After searching various areas of jungle they accidentally came to the Nandankanan Island (Protected area of Phantom) where they shoot  their guns  randomly toward the innocent animals and small Deer cub was injured from their bullet. Scent of The blood of the injured cub stimulate predator behavior of the Tiger and Lion of Nadankanan (They were previously became calm and friendly with each other under the strict guidance of Phantom).

You have to read the full graphic story to know how Phantom deal with this alarming situation and punish those evil hunters.

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