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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Mandrake Indrajal Comics: Evil Eye (Part-2):

In this part of the story Mandrake and Lothar narrowly escaped from death when they refused to eat poison mixed food prepared by their guide . The guide falsely named Max appointed by evil Kobra to Murder Mandrake and Lothar. After this incident Mandrake and Lothar ultimately reach the Magic college but they confronted with the angry and mad crowd who were try to destroy Magic College.

After conversation with them they were informed that magic college`s wizards kidnapped their children. Mandrake somehow managed to create hallucination of fire emitting Dragon Tippitan to drive away those murderous crowd by his mass hypnotized technique.

After entering the Magic College they were informed that those two children  were found unconscious  near the gate of magic college , and wizard professors only give those children  shelter and proper treatment and food. Mandrake also informed  that this evil plot was created by Cobra to angry the local mob against Magic college and steal the powerful crystal box from the college.

After returning the Children to their parents peacefully, Mandrake visit Theron in the college. During the conversation Mandrake was informed about the three living children  of Theron. Theron also said that he want to appoint Mandrake as the college Dean after him as his last wish.

During this conversation with Theron many secret was revealed in front of Mandrake. You have to read the this part to know who were the real parents of Mandrake and true power of Crystal box.

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