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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Mandrake Indrajal Comics: Evil Eye (Part-1):

One day Mandrake receive  a mental message from Theron (Master wizard and teacher of Mandrake) on Xanadu he called for urgent meeting in Magic College which is thousand miles away in a secret mountain  passage. When Mandrake and Lothar ready for journey and make their arrangement , Hojo (Cook of Xanadu and secret head of Inter Intel ) find a spy  speaker box (Made like a snake figure). Mandrake realized  that this  is the instrument of Kobra or Keutey  (Most deadly Villain of Mandrake since childhood at  Magic College, Very similar with modern day Harry Potter and  his arch rival Voldemort) secretly installed by Edd (Companion of Cobra) to watch over them.

Mandrake realized that Cobra already knew about their journey to Magic college and he could do harm to Narda in absence of them, therefore Mandrake decided to take Narda with them and drop her to his brother`s home ( Segrid the  king of Cockegna) in the way.  During the journey Mandrake rescued himself and Segrid from the murder attempt  of Cobra both in airport and within the Plane in this first part of the story.

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