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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Prisnor of White Castle

This is the story of the Father of Recent Phatom (21st) .   Recent Phantom frustated  with the impatient behavior  of two Jungle clan Wambasi and Longo ,when they attack  on each others territory after mutual peace agreement in front of recent Phantom. When again two clan come in front of Phantom for another settlement Phantom negate their Pray.

Phantom`s frustrated behavior caused immense haywire state in the Jungle. Jungle Elder named Guru then tell the story which was related to the strange Iron chain which attached with the skull throne of recent Phantom. Guru tell the story of How recent Phantom`s father rescued his mother Mod from the cruel prince of distant mountain with his patient effort, before their marriage. You Have to read the full story to know how recent Phantom realise his mistake through the moral of this story. 

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