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Monday, 8 August 2016

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Phantom and the City of Goons

Notorious Mafia don Bullet Captured by the city police and proved guilty during investigation. Judge ordered him and his companions for complete deportation from the country.

Bullet then purchase a large deserted land beside sea shore of Denkali in a very cheap rate. Bullet then reconstructed the deserted city and named it after him and rule the city like a king.  No Jungle Police and military can enter into his city which was Bullet`s Personal property. Criminals from around the world came into his city without fear and Bullet collect huge cut money from them in exchange of Protection and shelter.

For more safety Bullet somehow Kidnap Carolyn (Daughter of Jungle Police Chief Wikis) and blackmailed entire Jungle Police and keep the Jungle police out from his city. Jungle Police chief Wikis call Phantom for rescue. You have to Read the full graphic novel to know how Phantom destroy the evil city, get all the criminals behind the bar.

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