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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Phantom Indrajal Comics : Peacekeeper of Jungle (part 1)

This Epic story of Phantom started in the lifetime of 9th Phantom who was most powerfull among the Phantoms. Present Phantom  one day  struck his attention on the strange title "Great saviour from dark East" about the 9th Phantom during the reading the dairies of his ancestor.  Phantom does not find any information about the strange title, therefore he decided to go and ask about the title to local wise grandfather of Jungle Wise Moj. 

Moj describe the story about the dark  evil empire of East  captured  innocent people from the jungles and imprisoned them to sacrifice them in the fire of Evil God "Jaal ". 9Th Phantom ultimately  destroy the the evil empire of east and destroy the fire and evil idol of Jaal but people of evil empire started slavery business and again capture the Jungle people and sold them in slave market. Therefore confrontation between Phantom and Dark empire of East continue generetion after generation till today.

After Investigation from jungle phantom realise that the dark empire of East shifted  their attention into narcotics and drug business and try to spread addiction of heroine(narcotic drug) throughout the young jungle people.

You Have to read the epic adventure story of Phantom to know how the dark empire of East destroyed by the present Phantom. 

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