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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Birth Of 22nd Phantom (Part-2)

After the marriage of Diana and Phantom more than one year has passed by, during that time Phantom rescued Diana from dictator Tara from Tarakimo and rescued Dav (Diana`s Uncle) from the goons of the city. One day suddenly Diana told Phantom about her pregnancy.Phantom was so happy that he want Diana to gave birth in skull cave in the Jungle according to Phantom tradition.

Diana and her family was not confident about the gave birth at Jungle , Phantom also realised that fact and he agreed with Diana. Phantom also convinced Moz, Guran and Tagama in skull cave about  the gave birth of 22nd Phantom at the City.

Ultimately Diana realised the importance of Phantom tradition and prepare herself about gave birth at Jungle and she send a important message to Phantom about her coming to Skull cave to gave birth. Trained Chimpanzee who deliver letter to Phantom in the dense forest was attacked by the leopard and delayed in the meantime Phantom got busy on the preparation of Jungle Olympic but somehow Phantom got the letter at last minute and rescued Diana at the Phantom Hill from the pack of Hyenas.

You have to read the two parts of this graphic adventure story to know how Diana gave birth twin baby in the Phantom`s Skull cave.

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