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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Collage Of Comics and Graphic Novel from Kolkata Book Fair 2016 By Manash Kundu

Two Graphic adventure of famous Robin Hood against Pirate and Feudal Lord of Nottigham.

Different Stories of Kalia The Crow and his friends and foes from magazine Tinkles.

This is the collections of various Bengali graphics Novels and comics which were published in different magazines of Sukhtara and other Puja Magazines published by Dev Sahitya Kutir ( Some Bantul ,Hada Bhoda comics,graphic novel on history by Mayukh Chowdhury, Science fiction comics etc)

 Beautiful bengali graphic Novel on the famous stories of Upendrokishore Roychowdhury like Tuntunir galpoo, Bagher Biye, Ghorar Dim, Panditmurkho etc.

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