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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Flash Gordon : Unique Forgotten Earth Comic Hero Who Have His Actions on Planet Mogol and With Evil King Ming

Flash Gordon Comics in 3D with all its main characters Flash Gorgon,Dr. Hans Zarkov, King Ming ,Dale Arden created in 3Ds Max

Flash Gordon:

Flash Gordon is the hero of a science fiction adventure comic strip originally drawn by Alex Raymond. First published January 7, 1934, the strip was inspired by and created to compete with the already established Buck Rogers adventure strip. Also inspired by these series were comics such as Dash Dixon (1935 to 1939) by H.T. Elmo and Larry Antoinette and Don Dixon and the Hidden Empire (1935 to 1941) by Carl Pfeufer and Bob Moore

The first Flash Gordon comic strip

The Flash Gordon comic strip has been translated into a wide variety of media, including motion pictures, television and animated series. The latest version, a Flash Gordon television series, appeared on the United States Syfy in 2007–2008. A print comic book series by Brendan Deneen and Paul Green and published by Ardden Entertainment debuted in 2008, with the first arc entitled "The Mercy Wars". These were followed by further storylines

Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon (February 25, 1934)

Flash Gordon Comics in 3D with all its main characters Flash Gorgon,Dr. Hans Zarkov, Ming created in 3Ds Max

Flash Gordon Comics in 3D with all its main characters Flash Gorgon,Dr. Hans Zarkov, Dale Arden created in 3Ds Max

Characters and story

The comic strip follows the adventures of Flash Gordon, a handsome polo player and Yale University graduate, and his companions Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov. The story begins with Earth bombarded by fiery meteors. Dr. Zarkov invents a rocket ship to locate their place of origin in outer space. Half mad, he kidnaps Flash and Dale, whose plane has crashed in the area, and the three travel to the planet Mongo, where they discover the meteors are weapons devised by Ming the Merciless, evil ruler of Mongo.

Flash Gordon Created By Me( Manash Kundu) in 3D Max

For many years, the three companions have adventures on Mongo, traveling to the forest kingdom of Arboria, ruled by Prince Barin; the ice kingdom of Frigia, ruled by Queen Fria; the jungle kingdom of Tropica, ruled by Queen Desira; the undersea kingdom of the Shark Men, ruled by King Kala; and the flying city of the HawkmeFlashn, ruled by Prince Vultan. They are joined in several early adventures by Prince Thun of the Lion Men. 

Dr. Hans Zarkov Created By Me( Manash Kundu) in 3D Max

Eventually, Ming is overthrown, and Mongo is ruled by a council of leaders led by Barin. Flash and friends return to Earth and have some adventures before returning to Mongo and crashing in the kingdom of Tropica, before reuniting with Barin and others. 

Merciless King Ming of Planet Mongol ,3D Picture Created By Me(Manash Kundu) in 3D Max
Flash and his friends would travel to other worlds and frequently return to Mongo, where Prince Barin, married to Ming's daughter Princess Aura, has established a peaceful rule (except for frequent revolts led by Ming or by one of his many descendants). 

Dale Arden Female Companion of Flash Gordon created by me(Manash Kundu) in 3Ds Max

The long story of the Skorpii War takes Flash to other star systems, using starships that are faster than light.

Flash Gordon and Dr Zarcov

Flash Gordon ,Dr Zarkov and King Ming of Planet Mongol

Flash Gordon in Indrajal Comics:
In March 1964, the publisher of The Times of India, Bennet, Coleman & Co., launched a new series called Indrajal Comics The first 32 issues contained "The Phantom" stories, but thereafter, the title alternated between various King Features characters, including Mandrake, Flash Gordon, Mike Nomad and Buz Sawyer, as well as the Publishers Syndicate character Kerry Drake. In 1976, the distinctly Indian character, Bahadur, joined the rotation. Stories involving "The Phantom," Flash Gordon and Mandrake emphasized their roles as heroes, with special powers, talents or sci-fi tools. The remaining characters in the Indrajal universe played out more conventional detective and crime stories.

Indrajal Comics Cover on Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon is the hero of a science fiction comic strip originally drawn by Alex Raymond, which was first published on January 7, 1934. He is one my favorite hero of Indrajal Comics (1964-1990) along with Phantom & Mandrake. Recommend reading who never read Indrajal's Flash Gordon, especially period 1972-1989. In 1968, Flash Gordon appeared in IJC first time & last time in 1989. There are total 56 Indrajal comics featuring him as Main hero.

Flash Gordon Kings Comics Cover

Flash Gordon comics were published by various publications. Here are few comics published by Harvey Comics, Gold Key Comics, King Comics, Charlton Comics, Midtown Comics, DC, Whitman Comics etc.

 Very Early and Rare Indrajal Comics in Bengali on Flash Gordon Published in July 1970 ,No: 89

Flash Gordon Comics in 3D with all its main characters Flash Gorgon,Dr. Hans Zarkov, King Ming ,Dale Arden created in 3Ds Max

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