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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Rajnikant Jokes in 3D : Written and Picturised by Yanna Raskala Manash Kundu.(Mind It)

Rajni Jokes (Written and 3D Picturised By Manash Kundu):

Rajnikant and Dinosaurs

Rajnikant and Dinosaurs:

Do you know how the Dinosaurs Became Extincts Because of Rajnikant`s One Simple Mistake.

One day Rajnikant   journeyed back to the Mesozoic Era (Age of Dinosaur: Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous ) through his Time Machine Rocket . He Played with a Rubber Balls with those Huge Dinosaurs like a Pets, during the Playing with Dinosaur he mistakenly Throw a ball so intensely and Forcefully that this ordinary ball became a huge fireball, due to the  friction with air . Some months later (when Rajnikant back to the Present age) it Returned back to the Earth as a huge Asteroid and Annihilated whole Dinosaur Race.

Yanna Raskala Dinosura ,  Yanna Raskala Dinosura,  Yanna Raskala Dinosura.

Rajnikant and Dinosaurs

Rajnikant and Superheroes:

Rajnikant and Superheroes

Do you know that all Three main Superheroes like Spider-Man, Super-Man and Bat-Man have Their huge powers with the help of Rajnikant. Let`s share about these interesting secret truths which no-one know till today.

Real Secret about The Power of  Spider-Man:


After The independence Super Hero Rajnikant secretly invent  group of Genetically Modified Spiders which can produce special kind of yarn which were super-strong bulletproof and at the same time very fine (Like Indian muslin Silk) and weather friendly (Feeling of comfort both during extreme cold and Hot Temperature). Some British Secret Agents Damage Rajni`s Lab and smuggled some Spiders to Their Nation and made some extraordinary fabrics with them. 

For further Genetic studies in The American Universities, Britain supply those Spiders to the American Collages, Where Peter Parkar bitten by those Spiders and acquired   his Super-Power and Became Spider-Man.

Real Secrets about The Power of Bat-Man:


After The Death of The Parents of Bat-Man during very Tragic incidents in Gotham City,young  Bruce Wayne Came to India to Learn Secret Ancient  Martial Arts (Where any one man can easily take-down hundreds of armed enemies only in bare hands and can also fly and locate enemy in dark, like Bats ) from Rajnikant. Rajnikant Teach him those ancient martial arts within a month and  made the Bat-Man Costumes through the special yarn from genetically modified Spiders.

Real Secrets About The Power of Super-Man:

At the Verge of Destruction the Scientists of Planet Krypton decided to give birth the super boy who can in future emerge as the saviour   of their race. Scientists of Planet Krypton therefore search for any Super Powered creature from around the Universe whose sperm can be implanted into the womb of Princes of Planet Krypton. After searching throughout the Universe they found only Rajnikant as their  favourite  human. 

They secretly collected the Rajni`s Sperm and implanted into the womb of Krypton Princess. That Boy emerged as a Super-Man. After the destruction of The planet Krypton Scientist tried to send him in a special rockets into India at Rajni`s House but ,the rocket changed its path after collision of asteroid and fall into America.

Rajnikant and Superheroes

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