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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bhagat Singh : Life of Bhagat Singh in Illustrated Form

Bhagat Singh:

Bhagat Singh is perhaps the most celebrated revolutionary of India. Bhagat Singh and his comrades were not Blood-thirsty, trigger happy terrorists. They were waging a war against a relentless colonial power. The odds were heavily against Them. They Were just a handful of Selfless patriots and they truly love their country and also believed India as Bharat-mata. They had dared to take on the mighty British power. It was a battle they were not going to win.

When Top Congress Leaders believer of Gandhiji`s nonviolence, requested British Raj for India`s Freedom as a Dominion Status only few freedom fighter like Bhagat Singh , Netaji , Tilak wanted Complete freedom or Purna Swaraj from British . Freedom cannot be achieved by request but bloodsheding freedom struggle.

Yet Bhagat Singh and His associates did not die in vain. They Compelled the British authorities to sit up and take note of the deep unrest prevailing in the country. They showed their fellow countrymen how to dare and die. They gave young Indians a heritage from which to draw inspiration.

Life of Bhagat Singh in Illustrated Form:

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