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Monday, 4 February 2013

Kolkata Book Fair 2013: My Library and My Books

Books Purchased From Book Fair in Animated Form

Map of Kolkata Book Fair 2013

37th Kolkata Book Fair:

Date/Time: From Saturday, Jan 26 till Sunday, Feb 10, 2013, 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Address:  Milan Mela Ground , J B S Haldane Avenue, E.M Bypass, Kolkata

At Penguin India Book Stall

The book - lovers across the city have a reason to head towards the Milan Mela Ground. The mega book fair is back again, with an uproar after the completion of its thirty - six eventful years. Here is a chance for the fussy book readers to choose from a wide spectrum of books of all kinds.

Bangladesh is the theme country.

The fair will see tributes, memorial lectures and an awards being instituted in the name of the Sahitya Akademi award-winning author.

Books on Display

Milan Mela Ground Become a truly a Unified gathering place for Lovers around The West Bengal. Within The seven day book fair become very popular among the book lover.Lacs of people attended book fair on Saturday on 2/2/2013.

At MacMillan

The total area of the book fair this time is about 75330 square meters and the number of book stalls is as many as 568. In memory of late Sunil Gangopadhyay, an award (Sunil Gangopadhyay Memorial Award) of rupees one lakh will be awarded to the poet Bithi Chattopadhyay.

Kolkata Literary Meet at Google Dome

An interesting feature about the ground is that names of the lanes within the ground has been kept after eminent personalities. Vidyasagar sarani, Shibram Sarani, Buddhadeb Basu sarani, Michael Madhusudan sarani are some of those lanes. The six halls in the book fair ground have been named after the eminent personalities who have passed away recently. Indra Goswami, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Bhupen Hazarika, Syed Mustafa Siraz, Sunil Gangopadhyay and Humayun Ahmed are those great souls. Apart from the focal theme country, the other countries which represented themselves in the book fair includes USA, China, Vietnam, Turkey and Japan.

Painting Display and Sell at Kolkata Book Fair 2013 .

The book fair this year is focusing mainly on the 19th century Renaissance that was seen in Bangladesh and Kolkata. This is the reason why Baul singers have been seen performing at the Jaago Bangla stall to raise awareness among the people about the traditions and culture of the state. The Bangladesh stall also focused on the various aspects like literature, films, tourism, art, architecture which have led the country to a rebirth.A five day literary meet with eminent writers has been organized this time. Eminent writers like Amish, Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Samaresh Majumdar will be present at the literary meet.

The 37th Kolkata International Book Fair thus has a lot to offer to the visitors and and on the way to enhance its reputation as one of the greatest Book Fair of the world. Currently Kolkata Book fair is the largest Book fair of Asia and the second largest in the world, positioned only after Chicago Book Fair.

After Shifting the venue of Book Fair from Park Street Ground to Milan Mela Ground Journey to Book Fair became more trouble some and more time consuming, but this does not prevent Book Lovers from attending Book Fair.

Kolkata Book Fair 2013 Stimulate the hunger  for reading to satiate Intellectual Bengali`s mind.

My Books : My Library and Me (In 3D Picture Created by Me)


Each Book is Unique which open the new world of feeling, imagination within the mind of readers through the textual documentary created by the writer of the Book. It create the Never-ending mental bridge between Writers and Readers. Each of day of our life we spend our time for our Profession to fulfill our Physical Needs and for the betterment of our daily life . Books are one and only literally medium to fullfill our mental need. For Me Each of the Books I have Collected from my Childhood till the present age, collectively define me of Myself. Books are act as the  true and faithfull friend or companion  in every ups and down of My Life.

My Books : My Library and Me (In 3D Picture Created by Me)

My Library:

My Small and Beautiful Library is the best place of my House. Each of The books in my Library was selected, loved and added by me throughout my different stages of my life and it is continuously growing everyday. It Include lots of Science Books during my college days. History, General Knowledge books, Amar Chitra Katha and other comics books during my School Days.Lots of English literature , Adventure books during the post College Days. My Small Library is the result of the my lifelong searching for good Books. I searched and collected those books from many Book stores around the nukes and corners of Kolkata and also from the Wheeler books Counter around old days Railway Station during my journey. I always feel proud and Satisfied whenever I see My Small Library.

Books  Purchased From The Kolkata Book Fair 2013:

World Mythology (Legendary Figures and Mystical Creatures):


World Mythology (Legendary Figures and Mystical Creatures):

This Book Invites you to Explore the fascinating myths and Legends from around the World, and Link to the traditions of The world Today. World Mythology provides the best possible introduction to the still unfathomed depths of Mythology in all diversity.

Encompassing well-known characters such as Zeus, Thor and Krishna, as well less familiar mythologies, this comprehensive guide combines tales of mythical creatures and legendary figures, the struggle of good and evil, stories of creation and destruction and paints a vivid picture of many intriguing and ancient customs and beliefs. Including mythologied from all over the globes, from the far East to Siberia, World Mythology recounts the myths and traditions, and explains the explains the social and Cultural influences behind some of the most fascinating civilisation in History.

Albert Einstein Ideas & Opinions

Albert Einstein Ideas & Opinions:

Collects Einstein`s thoughts and Beliefs on every subjects and displays his remarkable ability to Penetrate to the heart of the subject, an ability that is as apparent in his scientific writings as in his ability that is as apparent in his scientific writings as in his more personal writings.He had the rare gift of making complex problems seem simple, while writing entertainingly on every subject, revealing his personality as much as his thoughts. This is as close to Einstein`s autobiography as will get, and captures his witty, anrchic but thoughtful personality.

Born in 1879 in Germany, Eistein came to public attention in 1905 with his first Scientific Papers. Within a few years he was teaching at the University of Zurich and between 1913 and 1933 he workes on his theory of Relativity, Winning the Nobel Prize in 1921. He left Germany in 1933 for the United States and Taught at Princeton University Till his death in 1955.

Selected Stories by Nobel Prize Winners

Selected Stories by Nobel Prize Winners:

The Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded annually by the Swedish Academy to an author from any country who has produced in the field of Literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction. The Prize is perhaps the most desired award for literary person and has now been given for over a hundred years.

In This collection by Nobel Prize recipients like Bjornsterne Bjornsen, Selma Lagerlof, Gerhart Hauptmann, Rabindranath Tagore,Henrik Pontoppidan, Knut Hamsun, Wladyslaw Reymont, Grazia Deledda, Thomas Mann, Sinclair Lewis, Luigi Pirandello, Roger Martin Du Gard, William Faulkner, Albert Camus, Boris Pasternak, Ernest Memingway , Henryk Sienliewicz and others are Included.

Bengali Book : Ganit Jagater Bismay Ramanujan By Satyabachi Sar

Bengali Book : Ganit Jagater Bismay Ramanujan By Satyabachi Sar:

The Book Is a Marvellous book about Srinivasa Ramanujan, the greatest mathematician of the East. The Book will be highly appreciated by both technical and non-technical and non-technical readers and certainly would be an important possession of every lover of Mathematics.                                                  

Review By News Bulletin of Calcutta Mathematical Society.

Bengali Book : Prathagata Degree Chharai Bijani by Rabindranath Patra

Bengali Book : Prathagata Degree Chharai Bijani by Rabindranath Patra:

This Beautiful Book on the life story of those Scientists who had no any proper traditional Degree from University.Story of eleven well known Scientist who enrich the world with their  immense scientific Knowledge  and discovery without any traditional degree from University.  Name of Them are Charles Darwin,Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, Alfred Nobel, Radhagovind Chandra,Thomas Alva Edison, Ramanujan, Gopalchandra Bhattacharjee among the few.

Manash (Subhaditya Edusoft) Blog


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