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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Salim Ali : The Bird Man of India

Some Pages of Salim Ali Comics in Animated Form

Salim Ali :

As a child Salim Ali took partridges and other fowl from the family kitchen, to make an aviary in the garden. Growing up, he decided that he would make his passion for nature, and especially birds, his profession. At a time when being a naturalist was something few people did for living, Salim Ali decided to invent his own Job : Conducting detailed surveys of  the bird life in different regions of the country. Working without a salary, he travelled tirelessly, to hills ,deserts, forests and grassland, observing, listening and analyzing.

Salim Ali`s systemic surveys and fascinating books on Indian Birds introduced thousands of people to the wealth of the natural world around them.

Salim Ali Comics:




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