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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Nilkamal and Lalkamal (Translated from Original Bengali Book of Fairytale :Thakumar Jhuli by : Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumdar): Brothers Grimm of India

Animated Nilkamal & Lalakamal

 Nilkamal and Lalkamal (Translated from Original Bengali Book of Fairytale :Thakumar Jhuli by : Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumdar): Brothers Grimm of India

Picture of Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumdar

Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumdar  (1877–1956) was a celebrated Indian writer in Bengali of fairy tales and children's literature. He was born at Ulail in Dhaka district of Bengal province in British India (now Manikganj District of Bangladesh). His major contribution to Bengali literature was the collection and compilation of Bengali folk and fairy tales in four volumes .

First Page of Original Bengali Fairy Tale Book Written By Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumdar

Thakurmar Jhuli (Grandmother’s Bag of Tales), Thakurdadar Jhuli (Grandfather’s Bag of Tales), Thandidir Thale (Maternal-Grandmother’s Bag of Tales) and Dadamashayer Thale (Maternal-Grandfather’s Bag of Tales)

 Nilkamal and Lalkamal (Translated from Original Bengali Book of Fairytale :Thakumar Jhuli by : Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumdar): Brothers Grimm of India

 Nilkamal and Lalkamal (Translated from Original Bengali Book of Fairytale :Thakumar Jhuli by : Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumdar):


King With His Demon Queen (Left) and Human Queen (Right)

Long long ago there was a king who had two queens. Among them one of the queen was a Demon, nobody knew about her in kingdom. Human Queen had a son Named Kusum and Ajit was demon queen`s son. Both Ajit and Kusum were very friendly and  love each other deeply.

Two Prince Kusum (Left) and Ajit (Right) Both Ajit and Kusum were very friendly and  love each other deeply.

Deep Love between two  Brothers  caused intense hatred towards Kusum in demon queen`s mind. Demon queen always waited for opportunity to kill her step son Kusum to eat his flesh. but Ajit (Son of Demon queen) always protect Kusum as a constant companion.

Then Demon Queen  used her evil magical power to  infect incurable  disease  to human Queen that caused her death.

After the death of good human queen , King and whole kingdom sank into deep sorrow. Ajit realized that his evil demon mother was behind the all those evil acts. He comforted his brother Kusum and tried to keep him distant from her evil mother. Demon queen became more furious against her own son Kusum and  Speard her evil spell by causing death of royal Elephants and Horses around the whole kingdom.

One night when two princes Ajit and Kusum were in deep sleep, Evil queen called her demon companion (Rakhasa) in her kingdom and ordered him to kill Kusum in his sleep . During the killing, King suddenly saw that one big and horrible demon hold him son Kusum and trying to kill him , King open his royal sword to kill the demon but at that very moment evil queen came and paralysed king by throwing her magical hair.

Ajit attacked on The head of Rakhasa (Demon) when He saw that Demon Try to Eating his Brother Kusum in front of  Demon Queen (Ajit`s Mother)

In front of paralysed king evil horrible demon consumed his son Kusum flesh. Paralysed King`s eye flooded with tears with intense pain but he does not do anything for his son Kusum.Evil Demon Queen laughed horribly with joy for fulfilling her evil wish.but at that moment Ajit awaked  from his sleep and saw that his beloved elder brother Kusum died and his flesh was consuming by evil horrible demon in front of his Paralysed father (King) and Evil Mother (Demon Queen). With intense agony and anger he attacked and make a very hard slap on demon`s head. Demon felled down with large painful cry and  Vomited a large round mass of golden egg from his mouth and run away.

Demon Queen Paralyzed King With her evil spell and Rakhasa eating his own Son Kusum. Ajit tried hard to protect Kusum

by seeing this ,Demon queen felt angry toward Ajit and She gave a hard blow to his own son Ajit which caused his death and then Ajit`s Flesh aslo comsumed by the Evil demon queen. Evil demon queen Vomit a Iron egg from her mouth.

 Rakhasa Run away after eating Kusum due to the Hard Blow of Ajit. Demon Queen became very angry and eat her own son Ajit.

After the death of Ajit and Kusum Evil Demon Queen go towards the roof of the King`s Palace with Iron and golden eggs where large amount of Demons gathered to start human flesh eating fest of country`s people.Evil demon queen announced that " All my demon friends after eating the human flesh please go to your Demon land by leaving this country, and I will stayed here to rule this country in the presence  of Paralysed king".

Evil Demon queen with her Rakhasa (Demon) Companions on The Roof of the King`s Castle to start a man eating Fest

After destroying thousand countryman`s life and the roof  of the king`s Palace Demons were leave the Country . Evil Demon Queen then Hide those Gold and Iron Eggs under the earth covering in the Bamboo garden which was besides the holy river.

Next day the whole county was filled with human dead bodies, skeleton etc. Heaps of human cadavors and skeleton scattered over the streets of the country.Remained alive people run away from the country when they were heard that their beloved Princes Ajit, Kusum were also eaten by those evil demons and their King became paralaysed by the evil magic of those Demons.

After some day when the fresh air from the river touches the Bamboo tree in the  bamboo garden, When a farmer was cut the bamboo tree two big eggs was came out from the root of the tree.Farmer felled those two eggs into the ground. When Blue and Red eggs ware felled to the ground two Beautiful Blue and Red Princes were emerged out from those two eggs. Red and Blue Princes with their Royal dresses, Crown and huge sword leaved the country very quickly.

Farmer Saw That Lalkamal (Red Prince) Emerge out from Golden Egg and Nilkamal (Blue Prince) emerge out from Iron Egg

Farmer felt unconscious by seeing this scene. When the farmer came into
consciousness the remaining portion of Red egg transformed into Gold and Blue egg transformed into Iron. Farmer Made a Sickle with the Iron and made Jewellery his wife.

After the long Journey Lalkamal and Nilkamal ( Who were the reincarnated form of Prince Kusum and Ajit) ultimately came into the country where all people was feared by the Small Demons (Khokkas). Groups of Small Demons eat a minister and a family of People Every day.

King therefore announced that the pair of Prince who can Kill the Groups of small demons, king will handover the country and his two beloved Beautiful  Princess and marry them with those two powerful prince.

Lalkamal and Nilkamal came in front of the king to took a permission kill all those group of Demons (Khokkos). King granted them permission two those young powerfull prince although previously all attemped was in vain.

Group of Khokkas (Small Demons)

Lalkamal and Nilkamal then awaited for group of small demons(Khokkas)  in a Secluded room where group of demons previously attacked with their open sword.Both of them awaited for the group of demons till the middle of night when no one came Nilkamal felt asleep and said to Lalkamal that when the group of Small Demons (Khokkas) came there please always said the name of Nilkamal ( Nilkamal was the Demon queen`s Child Ajit in a previous birth) before Lalkamal.

At last the group of small demons came after midnight and said to lit off the candle light which irritated them but lalkamal Denied to lit of the light which caused small demons so angry that they asked the name of the Prince who awake ? Lalkamal replied that Nilkamal behind and Lalkamal awake with their  sword. By hearing the name of Nilkamal, group of small demons stayed back with fear because they knew that Nilkamal was the son of the Demon Queen in the previous birth. But for further assurance, leader of small demons group asked them to show the tip of Nilkamal`s Finger-Nails. Lalkamal showed the Nilkamal`s crown in front of the sword.

Nilkamal and Lalkamal Killed the Group of Khokkos  with their Powerful sword

 Nilkamal`s Finger nail  make small demons feared heavily. They thought that if the Nilkamal`s Finger nails were so big then the Nilkamal will be so giant and horrible. Then Small demons asked to see the Nilkamal`s Saliva. Lalkamal Spread hot boiled lamp oil over the small demons which burned their dense body hair and they ran away. After sometime Demons were came back and asked to see their tongue. Then Lalkamal showed them his sword as tongue, all small demons  then  attacked on the sword  thought as tongue and try to pulled out the sword as tongue from Nilkamal`s Mouth. Demons hands were cut so heavily which caused their huge black coloured blood loss. Small demons were run away with fear.

After sometime one small demon came and asked Lalkamal who was awake? Mistakenly Lalkamal answered that "Lalkamal was awake" by hearing that all small demons attacked Lalkamal with full force. Lalkamal asked Sleeping Nilkamal for help. Nilkamal awake from the sleep and asked all Demons that who have the courage to fight against him and his powerful sword. Nilkamal attacked Small demons with fury and lighten up the room with lamp. Small Demons became visually blind due to the flash of light and Nilkamal easily destroyed all small demons and cut them into pieces with his powerful sword.Two brothers then goes into deep sleep after washing their hands which was soacked with small demons blood.

Next day King saw that two beautiful prince sleeping peacefully in the middle of deadbodies of  khokkos (small demons).

The King was so happy with the two prince that he gave them all his country and marry his two beautiful princess with the two Prince.

In the mean time the Demon Queen Who took shelter in the Human king`s palace by Paralysing king heared the news of Khokkas killing by Nilkamal through her Rakshas Messenger named Ai Rakhasa and Ki  Rakhasa. Demon Queen`s heart feeled  with fear after heaing the news and she sent two messenger Rakhasa in their human soldier form to the palace of Nilkamal and Lalkamal. Two Messenger errand-ed the news that King (The father of Ajit ,Kusum) will be healthy again if the oil of Rakhsasa head ,applied on the body of the King.

Lalkamal and Nilkamal started their journey to collect the oil of Rakhasa`s head from the Rakhasa or Demon land with their powerful sword.During their journey they came into the dense forest where they took some rest under the big Ashwatha Tree . The tree was the nest of the pair of Mythical dragon like birds known as Bangoma and Bangomi.Bangomi said to Bangoma that who was the  brave persons who donate  two drops of bloods to open their child`s eye.

Nilkamal and Lalkamal agreed to gave their blood and Bangoma collected blood from their fingers which helped to open the eyes of Bangomi`s childs.

Newly born male child of Bangoma and Bangomi expressed their gratitude towards two Prince  and asked for any help but Lalkamal and Nilkamal gave their blessings for  their happy life and said that they need no help. Two Male child of Bangoma and Bangomi willingly take two prince in their shoulder and fly towards the Country of Rakhasa (Demons) through the sky.

Lalkamal and Nilkamal were Flying Toward The Country of Demons (Rakhasa) on Bengoms (Mythical Dragon Like big Birds) for the Oil from Rakhasa`s Head

After the continuous day and night flying Nilkamal and Lalkamal ultimately reached on the gigantantic mountain on the eighth day. The Land of Demons or Rakhasas was just after the large field which was followed by gigantic mountain. Nilkamal Collect some seeds of Kalai Dal and handed them to Lalkamal and said that he must eat those seeds of Kalai Dal when he asked to eat Iron seeds of Kalai Dal by Rakhasas.

Ten and thousands of Rakhasas came towards Lalkamal and Nilkamal when they were crossed the large field. Nilkamal shouted that " Grandmother (Mother of Demon Queen) grandmother we came I am Lalkamal the, grandson of Rakhasas welcomed me and adore me in your lap".

Lalkamal and Nilkamal Meet with Jatbijti Burii (Mother of Demon Queen)on the Demon land

The grandmother of Rakhasas came and said that " Oh My dear grandson Nilkamal come to me" then she adored him in her lap. The rotting smell of Rakhasa grandmother (Named Jatbijti Buri) caused sense of irritation to Nilkamal. Jatbijti Buri suspiciously asked Nilkamal " Who is this Man who smelled like Human, grandson?" when she looked upon Lalkamal. Nilkamal answered that " He is my Brother named Lalkamal" .  Jatbijti Buri did not completely believed Nilkamal therefore to test the truth she pull out some iron seeds of Kalai Dal from her ugly nose and asked Lalkamal to eat the Iron seeds to prove which proved Lalkamal as Rakhasas. Lalkamal was raedy for that and Changed those Iron seeds with real seeds and eat it comfortably, This convinced Jatbijti Buri  that Lalkamal is also her Grandson and adored both Lalkamal and Nilkamal in her huge lap.

The land of Rakhasas was so huge and dangerous that it only compared with the hell . Ten and thousands of Demons or Rakhasa filled the land with human and other animals dead bodies , fleshes to eat. They destroyed thousands of human cities and towns. Rotten smells of corpse filled the whole land. Lalkamal and Nilkamal watch these dangerous scenes when they were fly over the land on the shoulders of Rakhsas.

Ten and thousands of Demons or Rakhasa filled the land with human and other animals dead bodies , fleshes to eat. Demon Land (Rakhasa Land ) can only compared with the Hell

Nilkamal thought that he must do something to protect human Race otherwise they were destroyed by those horrible Rakahsas.

Nilkamal found a golden opportunity when all The Rakhasas go for their weekly haunting to the Human Countries which far way after seven seas. Lalkamal and Nilkamal was alone in the Rakhasas City even a single Rakhasa was not present in the city.

Nilkamal and Lalkamal Bring out Marankathi and  Jiyankathi from the Secret well in Demonland

Nilkamal and Lalkamal walked towards the secret Well which was situated on the extreme north side of Demon country. Nilkamal Then Jumped into the Well and recovered one Sword and one Gold Box .which was the main lifeline of all the Rakhasas and Demon Queen. Two Bee came out from the Gold Box. One Bee known as Jiyankathi which was the lifeline of all Rakhasas and other Bee known as Marankathi which was the lifeline of Demon Queen. Nilkamal Hold the Jiyankathi and Lalkamal Hold Marankathi. All Rakhasas felt intense pain when the Jiyankathi Honey Bee in the hand of Nilkamal . Demon Queen Became unconscious when Lalkamal Hold the Marankathi.

All the Rakhasas Came quickly from the distant land and attacked Nilkamal to prevent impending danger of Rhakhasa  clan. Nilkamal was cut two main legs of Bee which caused amputation of both legs of Rakhasa  clan. But all  Rakhasa crawled with their two hand and try to destroy Nilkamal. Nilkamal Then cut the all remaining four legs of Bee which caused destruction of all two hands of Rakhasa.

All Rakhasa and Jatbijti Buri died when Nilkamal  destroyed the Jiyankathi Bee

When head of the Bee was cut by the Nilkamal by Sword, all heads of Rakhasas including head of Jatbijti Buri felled on the ground and all Rakhasas was dead.

After Destroying all the Rakhasa Lalkamal and Nilkamal covered the Head of Jatbijti Buri with a cloth and collect another Bee named Marankathi within the gold box and called two Bangoms  to return to their Kingdom.

Two Prince returned back to their Kingdom after Three Months and Thirteen Days. Two  Prince then send the Head of Jatbijti Buri (Rakhasa) to the Kingdom of demon queen by their own Men.

With The Intense anger Demon Queen Fly over with the Head Jatbijti Buri (Mother of Demon queen) to the Nilkamal and Lalkamal`s  Country to destroy Them 

Demon Queen Became very Furious when she saw the Head of Rakhasa . She Attacked on Nilkamal and Lalkamal to Their Own country by the urge of desperation. Lalkamal Then pulled out the Marankathi Bee from the Gold Box, The Demon queen became unconscious. Lalkamal then Killed the Marankathi Bee with the sword, and Demon Queen died instantly. The Mutilated horrible dead body of Demon queen disposed and destroyed by the Prince`s soldiers.

At Last Demon Queen Died after Destroying The Marankathi Bee by Lalkamal

The Evil spell of Demon Queen destroyed after the death of The Queen. The King and also the Father of Ajit , Kusum  recovered from his evil disease. All the people came back to their country who deserted it after the death of Ajit and Kusum by the Rakhasa. All people and The King were searched for their Beloved Ajit and Kusum on the day of the celebration. Nilkamal and Lalkamal then returned back to the King`s Country and Touched the feet of the King with respect and Love. King Asked them that weather they are His Ajit , Kusum or Not? .

Lalkamal and Nilkamal said that yes, they are the  reincarnated form of Ajit and Kusum in the Present birth. The Two Kingdom became merged and Two Kings Live their life with  Lalkamal, Nilkamal and their wives Lilavati and Ilavati with Joy and Happiness forever.

Old King with His Two Prince Lalkamal, Nilkamal With their respective wives Lilavati and Ilavati live their lives with Joy and  everlasting Happiness

All 3D Pictures and English Translation From Original Bengali Book Thakumar Jhuli was Created By Me (Manash Kundu)

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