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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Acids ,Bases, Salts : Famous Compound Trios in Chemistry

Pictures of Main Acids, Bases, Salt


Properties of Acids

Pictures of Acids


There are millions of chemical compounds.Each is slightly different from the others.However, there are groups of compounds.Each is slightly different from the others.However, there are groups of compounds which behave in some similar ways.One such group is called the acids.

Litmus Test of Acid

Sulphuric acid is used as car batteries.It is a dangerous poisonous liquid which attacks many materials and burns the skin.Acids like this are called strong acids. They are said to be corrosive.

Acid and GreenHouse Effect

Not all acids are so dangerous.Some familiar liquids are acids, such as vinegar and lemon juice. All acids have a sharp taste.Some plants and animals use acids as weapons.The stings of ants, bees and nettles are acids.The gas that animals breath e out is carbon dioxide.When this dissolves in water an acid is formed.It is very weak acids and not corrosive.Soda water is water with a lot of carbon dioxide in it.

Acid Rain


Properties of Bases


Another important kind of compound is called a base.If a base dissolves in water it is an alkali.Alkalis are often dangerous and attack the skin. Wood ash contain an alkali.People used to mix wood ash with water so that alkali was dissolved out and separated from the ash. the water was then boiled away in an iron pot and the alkali was left.Because of the way it was made the alkali is called potash. Saliva is a weak alkali.

Litmus Test for Alkali

Compounds that are not acids or alkalis are said to be neutral. The other substances change colour when an acid or alkali is added.They are called indicators.They can be used to indicate wheather a liquid is acidic or alkaline.

Try boiling some red cabbage in water ,and strain of the coloured liquid when it is cool.If you add a drop of vinegar to this solution,it will go red.If you then add a little soap,which is a weak alkali, the solution turn blue.


When acid mixed with alkali a chemical change takes place and two new compounds are formed.One of them is always water.The other is called a salt.The salt we eat is Sodium chloride and it is often called common salt.Many other salt exits.

examples are washing soda (sodium carbonate), Epsom salts (Magnesium sulphate) and limestone (calcium carbonate). 

Neutralization Reaction

Pictures of Acid,  Salt

Pictures of Acid,  Salt

Movie Slide of Acid Bases and Salt:


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