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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Syamantaka Gem: Wonder Gem of Sun God with Never-Ending Magical Powers which caused Immense Prosperity of The Owner : Story In Graphical Comics Form

The Syamantaka Gem:

The Syamantaka Gem:

The story of Shyamanthaka appears in the Vishnu Purana and the Bhagavata. The jewel originally belonged to the Sun god, who wore it around his neck. It was said that whichever land possessed this jewel would never encounter any calamities in the form of natural disasters such as droughts, floods, earthquakes or famines, and would always be full of prosperity and plenitude. Wherever the jewel remained, it would produce for the keeper eight bhāras of gold daily and one hundred palas, one tulā. Twenty tulās make up one bhāra.") Since there are about 3,700 grains of rice in an ounce, the Shyamanthaka jewel was producing approximately 170 pounds of gold every day.It was also the source of the dazzling appearance of the Sun god.

The Gem was an ornament of the Sun God. It was a magical charm which had strange effects n its possessor. It Did virtuus person and bad to an evil one. When Surya pleased with his devotee Prince Satrajit, bestowed the gem on him, no one foresaw the violent upheavals it would cause, least of all the Prince Himself.

Satrajit gave the gem to his brother, Prasena, who was killed by a lion and carried off the gem. But since Krishna had admired the gem, he was suspected of having stolen it. To save his honour, Krishna went on a desperate gem hunt to the jungle, The adventures that follow make interesting reading and are narrated in this book, which is based on the version that appears in Bhagawat Purana.

It is said that Krishna had looked at the moon on Chaturthi (The fourth day after the full moon) and son after was accused of superstitious will not look at the moon on Chaturthi lest they be accused of theft.



The Syamantaka Gem Comics:



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