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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Enlightenment : My Experiment with Rhythm of Words

Lighten up your torch friends,
Lighten up your torch.
Its time to raise your voice friends,
Raise your voice.
Evil Hyenas sharpening teeth and claws,
From their dark secret den.
To tear apart your child`s flesh,
And increase pain.
The secret conspiracy of power, politics and wealth,
Destroyed every country`s Economic health.
Dark illusion of economic growth,
Destroyed common people`s Simple Hope.
Power hungry lawless money-mongers,
Unite in a dark secret chambers.
To ensure hunger, poverty slavery worldwide,
No single Common people have places to hide.
Evil , power hungry grip, of 1% ,
Destroy every civilization`s  90% .
Throughout the ages Secret Anti-Christ leaders from developed Country,
Try to gobbled up all the wealth of developing country.
Now they again raise their evil hand to our country`s huge fund,
By keeping common people voice shunned.
Our Royal Family`s dark secrets act as the catalyst of Destruction,
With our authorized representative They continue their evil celebration.
So friends raise your Voice with enlightened thought,
Throw out those representatives with ever-growing inner torch.
Remember that this is our freedom struggle against financial betting,
Unite all 99% to form our own Military Setting.

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