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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ganesha : Graphical Ancient Hindu Comics describing the Birth of Ganesha

3D Picture of Lord Ganesha Created By Me (Manash Kundu)

Lord Ganesha:

Though Ganesha is popularly held to be the son of Shiva and Parvati, the Puranic myths give different versions about his birth. He may have been created by Shiva or by Parvati, or by Shiva and Parvati, or appeared mysteriously and was discovered by Shiva and Parvati.

Lord Ganesha With His Father Lord Shiva

Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvati. He is considered the god of wisdom. The devotees worship him at the start of any new undertaking for its success. The god is special in that he carries the head of an elephant. Ganas were attendants of Shiva and Parvati. Once Parvati, alone at home and going for a bath, asked one of the Ganas to stand as guard and not allow anyone in. The Gana made an exception of Shiva, which made Parvati angry. Shiva told her to have her own Gana. She made one out of the saffron paste on her body, called him her son and posted him as guard. This Gana boy refused entry to Shiva, fought Shiva's Ganas and even the gods that came to assist them. Finally, Shiva beheaded him, only to find Parvati extremely angry for Shiva had harmed her son. Shiva revived the Gana with the head of the first creature found, which was an elephant. Thus it happened that the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati became Ganesha, 'Chief of Ganas'.

Full Family of Lord Ganesha with Shiva, Parvati, and Brother Kartikeya

The son of Lord Shiva, the most powerful of the hindu trinity, 'Ganesh' is one of the most prominent avatars,faithfully invoked and sincerely worshipped by large number of devotees the world over.'Ganesh' is said to be known by one hundred eight names and is remembered on different occasions as the 'Remover of Obstacles'; 'god of Domestic Harmony' and of 'Success'.He is always invoked at the beginning of all Hindu ceremonies or festivals.Ganesh is the god of wisdom.Ardent worship of Shri Ganesh brings joy and prosperity to devotees.Reading/Listening to the ganesh puran leads to welfare and success in all human endeavours.

(Clockwise from left top) Mahotkata, Mayuresvara, Dhumraketu and Gajanana.Different forms of Lord Ganesha During different Hindu Ages

Lord Ganesha Idol during Ganesh Puja in Maharashtra

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  1. Awesome :) Thanks for this :)
    I've really started to love Indian mythology :)



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