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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sea Route To India : Pictorial Comics on Sea Route History of India.

Sea Route To India:
The spices of India can take credit for inspiring some of the greatest maritime expeditions in the world. In a bid to find the sea route to India, European explorers like Batholomew Diaz, Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama braved uncharted seas, discovered new lands and earned fame and glory for themselves. But for India, the opening of the trade route was both a blessing and a curse.

Spice Islands:
Europeans knew that Valuable spices such as cloves,Cardamom etc grew wild in the India; and some of the greatest explorations were efforts to find the Spice Islands in India. Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and British navigators all fought to control this valuable source of trade for their countries.

New World:
From 1492 Europeans aimed to reach India by sailing west.
When they discovered that America was in their path, they hailed this continent as a " New World". But as they explored it, they brutally plundered and destroyed the rich empires of the Aztecs, Inca and Maya.

Vasco da Gama:
Portuguese Navigator Vasco da Gama ( c. 1469 - 1524) became the first European to sail to India when he Landed at Calicut in 1498. Da gama returned twice: in 1502 to avenge the deaths of some Christian trades, and for the last time, in 1524, as Viceroy of India. He died shortly after this appointment.

Pictorial Comics on Sea Route to India:


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