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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Maldives : Land of Coral Reefs and Sharks.

Maldives Page From my Map-World Software

The Maldives, a group of about 1,200 islands, separated into a series of coral atolls, is just north of the Equator in the Indian Ocean. Only 200 of the islands are inhabited. 

Maldive Islands are simply gorgeous, with swaying palms, white sandy beaches and deep-blue lagoons

Many of these tropical atolls and islands are simply gorgeous, with swaying palms, white sandy beaches and deep-blue lagoons; none of the islands rise higher than 7.8 ft. above sea level. 

Sunset on Maldives Beaches

These low lying specs of coral are subject to erosion, and stand at the mercy of any sea level rise. Some were severely damaged during the December 2004 Tsunami

The Maldives was long a sultanate (a territory ruled by a sultan), first under Dutch control, and then under British protection. It gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1965, and three years later, declared itself an independent republic.

Riots in the capital city of Mal in August 2004 garnered worldwide attention, and subsequently, the president and his government have pledged much needed democratic reforms, including a more representative political system and expanded political freedoms.


Over the last few decades the Maldives has transformed itself into a popular fishing, scuba diving, surfing and exotic resort and spa destination. 

Maldives-scuba Diving-fun-island
It continues its effort to reclaim (solid ground) from the shallow waters of the surrounding reefs, but its precarious elevation above sea level is an on-going concern for all who call this beautiful place, home.

Population: 349,100

Currency: Rufiyaa (MVR)

Religions: Sunni Muslim

Geographic Coordinates

Relative Location :
The Maldives is in both the northern and eastern hemispere This island country is immediately north of the Equator, with a few minor atolls just south of the Equator. It's bordered by the waters of the Indian Ocean, including the Arabian Sea and Laccadive Sea.

Land Statistics

Land Areas

(land)116 sq miles (300 sq km)

(water) 0 sq miles (0 sq km)

(TOTAL) 116 sq miles (300 sq km)

Highest Point
Unnamed location on Wilingili Island in the Addu Atoll - - 7.87 ft. (2.4 m)

Land Divisions :19 atolls, including: Alifu, Baa, Dhaalu, Faafu, Gaafu Alifu, Gaafu Dhaalu, Gnaviyani, Haa Alifu, Haa Dhaalu, Kaafu, Laamu, Lhaviyani, Meemu, Noonu, Raa, Seenu, Shaviyani, Thaa and Vaavu; and the administrative division of Maale.
Climate :The Maldives enjoy warm tropical temperatures year round, and a great deal of sunshine.

Local weather is affected by monsoons, with May to September being the wet season; seas can be rough and winds brisk. Severe weather conditions are rare, however, Indian Ocean cyclones do reach the islands on occasion.

The Maldives temperature range runs from 70 to 90 F (22 to 33 C) and is consistent throughout most of the year.

Interesting & Fun Facts about Maldives
The official name of Maldives is the Republic of Maldives. However, the official local long form name for the Maldives is Dhivehi Raajjeyge Jumhooriyyaa.
The capital of Maldives is Male.

Maldives has 1199 coral islands, grouped in twenty-six major atolls.
Green turtle among coral reefs of Maldives
The currency of Maldives is called Maldivian Rufiyaa.

Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) Banknotes
The official language of Maldives is called Divehi.
 It is the smallest Asian country with respect to population. Maldives is also the smallest Muslim nation in the world.
Tourism and fishery form the two major industries supporting the Maldivian economy.

Maldives was under Portuguese occupation between 1558 and 1573. It became a Dutch protectorate in the seventeenth century. In 1887, Maldives became a British protectorate and remained so till 1965, when it gained full independence from the United Kingdom.
Maldives has been an independent state all through its history, except for a brief stint of 15 years when the Portuguese occupied it in the 16th century.
Maldives also holds the record for being the flattest country in the world.

Highest point in the Republic of Maldives

The highest point in the Republic of Maldives is located on the island of Wilingili in the Addu Atoll (2.4 m).

Flag of Maldive
 Interestingly the flag of Maldives also has a story behind it. The white semi-circle symbolizes Islamic faith. The red color of the flag is the signification of blood sacrificed by the nation’s heroes. The green section of the national flag represents the life source of Maldives that are the palm trees.

Maldive Resorts
For the year 2008, Maldives was ranked as the Best Country Brand for Beach and Best Country Brand for Rest and Relaxation.


 It also ranked number two in the Best Country Brand for Natural Beauty and 3rd in the Best Country Brand for Resort and Lodging Options in the same year.

One of the best tourists’ attractions of Maldives is the Sultan Park, which is now a public park, built in 16th century, on the southern side of the demolished royal palace grounds in Male. It is a witness to the glory of Slutanate’s era.


Sharks of Maldives are very famous worldwide and attract thousands of divers to Maldives every year. 


Blacktip-Reef Shark.

Maldives itself is considered a heaven for divers. There are many types of sharks found in Maldives.
Best of the Maldives, Nurse Sharks
According to Historians, Maldives has been populated as early as the 4th century BC. It is speculated that the early migrants were from Arabia, eastern Africa and the Indian subcontinent among other places. Today, the Maldivians are a mixed race.

Imaginery 3D Picture of Coral Reef of Maldives Created by me (Manash Kundu)

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