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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Israel : The promised land of the Jews and birthplace of Judaism and Christianity.


Israel Page From my Atlas-World Software

The promised land of the Jews and birthplace of Judaism and Christianity has been the focus of conflict in the Middle East for nearly four decades. 

Temple Mount Where Jesus Overturned the Tables

born in strife, the modern state of Israel has been almost constantly at war with its powerful Arab neighbours, many times its size, ever since it creation in 1948. 

Political Map of Israel

The triumphant return of Jews to their historic homeland ended 18 centuries of exile, but the land they returned to had long been the home of the Palestinian Arabs, and they made determined attempts to strangle the tiny state at birth.


Five wars and countless acts of terrorism followed as Arab countries and Palestinians rose up against it and Israel tried to secure its frontiers.


Israel occupies a long narrow stretch of land at the South-Eastern corner of the Mediterranean. This Hilly country has as its natural eastern boundary the Great Rift Valley, the great fault which split the earth`s surface from Syria to Africa millions years ago. The valley contains the River Jordan, which flows first through subtropical vegetation, then arid wasteland to the Dead Sea, 394 m (1293 Ft) below sea level.

The high salt content of the Dead Sea increases the water's density and enables swimmers to float like a cork

Israel economic and military survival has largely been made possible by the massive help it has received from the USA, both at government level and from the powerful American Jewish community. Israel is virtually self supporting in foodstuffs, and a major exporter of agricultural produce.Its Jaffa oranges are famous throughout Europe, and its exports many other fruits and vegetables.

Jews temple

The reason for Arab hostility is rooted in history.For over 2600 years there was no independent Jewish State.From the conquest of ancient Israel by the Assyrians in 722 BC until the emergence of modern Israel in 1948, the land was part of some other empire.Jewish revolts against the Romans in AD 70-73 and 132-5 led to the devastation of the land and dispersal of the Jews. The result was 1800 years without a homeland, so that Jews in many lands were to take on the favour of the countries of their adoption, though never losing their identity.Often they were subjected to persecution.

Crusaders: Peter_the_Hermit

Israel renamed Palestine by the Romans; it was taken by Muslims, the Crusaders fought to free the christian holy places from Muslim control.Then it became part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire until occupied by the British during the first world war.

Tel Aviv's lovely Mediterranean coastline as viewed from the ancient port city of Jaffa
The vista from the Mount of Olives includes the Temple Mount, the Old City

About 90 per cent of Israelis live in urban areas , such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv , Jaffa and Haifa.Until about 1875 Jerusalem- special to people of different beliefs- consisted only of a walled city with 4 distinctive quarters; Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian.Then the growing Jewish population began to establish new neighbourhoods outside the walls.

Haram-el-sharif: Islamic Mosque in Israel

Areas: 20 700 km sq (7992 sq miles) as defined in the 1949 armistice agreements
Population:  41, 50, 000
Capital: Jerusalem
Government : Parliamentary republic
Currency: Shekel
Languages: Hebrew, Arabic
Religions: Jewish(83%), Muslim(11%) Christian(6%)
Climate: Subtropical; average temp in Jerusalem 5-13 Cel (44-55 F) in January 18-31 Cel(64-88 F) in August.

Israeli Tomatoes

Cotton field of Israel

Main primary Products: Livestock,citrus fruits, grapes wheat, sugar beet , cotton, olives,vegetables; potash, crude oil, phosphates, bromine natural gas.

Israel Agriculture

Major Industry: 

Mining Industry in Israel

Agriculture, Mining, Food processing,textiles,clothing, leather goods ,transport equipment,aircraft, 

Agro and Food Processing Industry in Israel


chemicals,metal products,machinery, diamond cutting, cement ,fertiliser.

Logo of Israeli Diamond Industry

Diamonds are Israel's number one export commodity

Main Exports: Finished diamond,textiles,fruit, vegetables chemicals, machinery, fertiliser.

Mish Mish Baby Boys Girls Clothing from Israel

Annual income per head: (US doller) 4900
Population growth (per/thou/year): 16
Life expectancy(yrs) : Male 72 Female 76

Banias Falls, Israel

Interesting Facts About Israel

Israel: Diverse, Creative, and Free

Israel, the 100th smallest country, with less than 1/1000th of the world's population, can make claim to the following:

Bengurion University of Israel

Israel has the highest ratio of university degrees to the population in the world.

Israel produces more scientific papers per capita than any other nation by a large margin -109 per 10,000 people - as well as one of the highest per capita rates of patents filed.

In proportion to its population, Israel has the largest number of start up companies in the world. In absolute terms, Israel has the largest number of start up companies than any other country in the world, except the US (3,500 companies mostly in hi-tech).

Israel is ranked #2 in the world for venture capital funds right behind the US.

Many foreign companies set up their research and development hubs in and around Tel Aviv.

Outside the United States and Canada, Israel has the largest number of  NASDAQ listed companies.

Israel has the highest average living standards in the Middle East.   The per capita income in 2000 was over $17,500, exceeding that of the UK.


With an aerial arsenal of over 250 F-16s, Israel has the largest fleet of the aircraft outside of the US.


Israel's $100 billion economy is larger than all of its immediate neighbors combined.

On a per capita basis, Israel has the largest number of biotech start-ups.

Israel has the largest raptor migration in the world, with hundreds of thousands of African birds of prey crossing as they fan out into Asia.

Israeli-Raptor Birds

Twenty-four percent of Israel's workforce holds university degrees - ranking third in the industrialized world, after the United States and Holland - and 12 percent hold advanced degrees.

Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East.

In 1984 and 1991, Israel airlifted a total of 22,000 Ethiopian Jews at risk in Ethiopia to safety in Israel.


When Golda Meir was elected Prime Minister of Israel in 1969, she became the world's second elected female leader in modern times.

When the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya was bombed in 1998, Israeli rescue teams were on the scene within a day - and saved three victims from the rubble.

Israel has the third highest rate of entrepreneurship - and the highest rate among women and among people over 55 - in the world.

Relative to its population, Israel is the largest immigrant-absorbing nation on earth. Immigrants come in search of democracy, religious freedom, and economic opportunity.

Israel was the first nation in the world to adopt the Kimberly process, an international standard that certifies diamonds as "conflict free."

Jerusalem City

According to industry officials, Israel designed the airline industry's most impenetrable flight security. U.S. officials now look to Israel for advice on how to handle airborne security threats.

Israeli-busketball-Maccabi Haifa

Israel's Maccabi basketball team won the European championships in 2001.


Israeli tennis player Anna Smashnova is the 15th ranked female player in the world.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was produced by Haim Saban, an Israeli whose family fled persecution in Egypt.

In 1991, during the Gulf War, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra played a concert wearing gas masks as scud missiles fired by Saddam Hussein fell on Tel Aviv.

Israel has the world's second highest per capita of new books.

Israel is the only country in the world that entered the 21st century with a net gain in its number of trees.


Israel has more museums per capita than any other country.

Israel has two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic.

The Israeli health care system is one of the most advanced in the world:


Israeli Hospital
Medical equipment in Israel is the most innovative and advanced in the world. The reputation of the Israeli doctors has been known to cross borders and is widely known around the world.

Many Israeli doctors have won the Nobel prize for medicine

There are excellent medical center in Israel – Israelis are experts on every aspect of medicine.

1. Orthopedics –a very developed field in the country because of the experience in dealing with trauma through wars and suicide bombings the country deals with often.

2. Oncology – vast and in depth medical research in the field.

3. Fertility and IVF treatments – the Israeli reputation in this field is renowned and Israel has become a leading global power in this field for many years now. The number of treatments performed in relation to the population is one of the highest in the world. 

Israeli Technology:

Israel currently has almost 4,000 active technology start-ups - more than any other country outside the United States, according to Israel Venture Capital Research Centre.

Tel Aviv-based start-up Onavo offers a free smartphone application that shrinks a phone data to help users save money - and appeals to any age

In 2010 alone the flow of venture capital amounted to $884m (£558m).

The result: high-tech exports from Israel are valued at about $18.4bn a year, making up more than 45% of Israel's exports, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

During the past two or three years, all around Tel Aviv a new generation of start-ups has begun to emerge, ready to prove that Israel's high-tech industry is back in business.

Take Takadu, a company founded in 2008 that offers smart water infrastructure monitoring, remotely detecting leaking pipes in real-time all around the world. One of Takadu's customers is Britain's Thames Water. When a water pipe in London bursts, chances are that it will first be spotted by a computer in Tel Aviv.

Another example is Boxee. The five Israeli founders decided from the get-go to headquarter the company in Delaware in the United States, but locate the company's research and development office in Tel Aviv.

Boxee tries to provide the missing link between content on television and the internet. Once you connect Boxee's small shiny black cube to your TV, it will also link wirelessly to your home network. With a remote control, you can then browse and watch all online content on the big screen - not just your movies, YouTube videos or web TV, but also videos uploaded by your friends to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Shortly after its launch in 2008, Boxee's little box could be found in more than two million homes across the US, Canada and the European Union, says Tom Sella, one of the firm's co-founders.

Waze, a web community-based GPS app, has been extremely popular in the US and Israel

Then there is Waze - a firm that has developed a free app that turns your smartphone into a web community-based GPS device.

Israel is a world leader in terms of research and development spending as a percentage of the economy; it's top in both the number of start-ups and engineers as a proportion of the population; and it's first in per capita venture capital investment. 

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