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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Recent Posts in Blog as well as Facebook Group COFFEE-HOUSE-ADDA

 Newton`s Three Laws of Motion and Galileo`s Laws f Falling Bodies 

 Angkor Wat : Largest Hindu Temples in Modern Cambodia

 Papua New Guinea :One of the least explored countries of the World

 Elementary Particles in atoms, Radioactivity: Internal anatomy of Atoms.

 Ramkrishna Paramhansa 

 GALAPAGOS ISLANDS : Birthplace of Evolution Theory By Sir Charles Darwin.

 Gopal  Bhar  Comics


Walt Disney : Father of the Animation World

 Origin of Life : Birth Story of Life on Earth

Walt Disney : Father of the Animation World

 Raja Ram Mohan Roy : Father of Renaissance in Bengal as well as India.

SUPER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN , BAT-MAN : Most Powerfull Three Musketeers Superhrero

 Sukumar Roy : His Great Nonsese World of Abol Tabol Part-2

 Sukumar Roy : His Great Nonsese World of Abol Tabol Part-1

 Lord Buddha : 9th Reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, Spread the Power of Peace ,Brotherhood and Non-Violence

Spider and other Insects Toxin

Biochemistry Moleculer Story : Carbohydrates, Protein, Lipid and Nucleotides

 Titanic : Most Famous and Sinkable Ship of all Time

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