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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wild Life : Wild Life Photography during the Wildlife Events or Ocassions.

Penguins galore:
Although a King Penguin colony looks like a confused crowd each pair of black and white adults knows which large brown chick is theirs.

Keeping Cool:
Male Walruses lazing on round Islands in Bristol Bay, Alaska ,turn pink in the sun , the Walrus`s skin become engorged  with blood in warm weather as it gives of heat to keep the animal cool.

Feast for a village:
The Pirarucu, one of the biggest fresh water fish can grow to 10 ft (3 mtr) long and weight 30 stone (200 kg) local fisherman catch it with net.

Tree Top Vigil:
Guard Duty is almost over for this tree Python.Her First Hatchling peers out at its rain Forest World.

Dozing in a hot Bath:
In the snowy mountains of North Japan during winter, Japanese Macaques keep warm by relaxing in hot springs.

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