In  Mahabharata When Lord Dharma or Yama asked Yudhirstrira (Eldest Pandava) that who was the happiest person of the world? Yudhirstira answered that person who had no debt remained in his or her  life.

Developed world like Europe, America continually purchase debt from developing world like India, Pakistan, China, Africa, Middle-East. Europe, America also puchasing these countries`s Economic Freedom, Economic Liberty,Peace, Harmony from few greedy mean-minded politician and made these developing countries into their hand-puppets.

World wide Rich Business companies use their rich resources to invent only those products which only increases people`s greed at devastating level which breaks our social harmony and mental peace. For example the ad tagline " Neighbours Envy Owners Pride" .People are now madly running for achieving those materialistic product or Brand like iPod, Apple laptop, Mercedes car, Turtle brand shirt, Rolex watch, Reebok shoes, Duplex furnished flats even in exchange of Debt,Happiness, Economic freedom only to increase their false status of life. Few years ago in the local news channel telecast a shoking news that One poor schoolchildren mudered his friend for his Ipod.Thousands or lacs of people worldwide being harassed by their loan giving banks and commit suicide for attaining false status symbol. Banks also giving loan in form of Loan-Fair  for selling those Branded cars, Flats,Television etc .

I also mention that tyagi means not to forsake everything(mean materialistic things) but only those things which only the root cause of sorrow, pain in people`s life like greed,selffishness or false pride. Very small parts of the Parents debt can be cleared only by caring them, giving them constant company throughout your life which can only possible through JointFamilly. Individual Debt can be cleared if the particular person can win over his own greed and expectation and control them with his economic circumstances.There is difference between Person Need and Greed. Person need money, house and many other things for there living which can be limited if people wants to,but greed only multiplied people`s needs at its astronomical limits at that point person take loan and enter into circular system of debt for example: If a person(A) Have a ordinery car , One day He saw that his neighbour(B) purchased high value Luxury Car, By seeing that car he(A) also purchase high value luxury car by taking lump some loan from bank.The greed of person (A) create demand of that Luxury car in the market but this extra expenditure of person(A) cannot make up and become lifelong bad debt of that person. The positive side of this incident may boost up Automobile industry but in long term Person(A) may have to sacrifise his children`s education or medical treatment.So Like Newton`s Third law (Every action have it equal and opposite reaction). In modern day people have to do every action after thinking about its equal and opposite reaction. In case of business you have to know the art of establish your kind truth by form of propaganda or advertisement to everybody.The main driving force of any business is pure greed which will be shown in form of huge profit in their balance-sheet, Take a example In Casino game not all person can win but only one. Only that particuler person win a Jackpot Money which was supplied by the other losers.If you think In greater perspective in your society also business-man and politicians earn or collect their huge money (Which is more than neccessory in common people perspective) from the other people.Every Person have to decide What is his/ her relative level of need from life according to His/Her Economic strength. Please don`t allow your greed to win over your need (It is absolutely only my viewpoint

 the main root cause of proverty in the Village and other area was because of unequal distribution of money.In our developing country like India, recent statistics published by some magazines that 25% of total wealth in India are consumed by the 25 to 30 Top Business tycoons and very few number of politicians(This is only accounted estimation but there is lot more unaccounted or black money present) whereas in the Europe and America only 2% to 3% of total wealth consumed by top 30 to 40 business tycoons. So main bulk of wealth in India owned by very few business-man and Politicians compared to100 crore populated country. If this huge amount of money can be recovered and properly distributed to those very needy and poor people then our society would be truly advance among the world. This huge Economic inequality in India are the cause of sheer greed, corrupted politician, pseudo monarky system in the mask of democracy. Only true revolution (Wheather its Physical and mental form) can only change this system.Our Ancient Vedic text can show the path of mental revolution.At last it is very true that ekjon khudatur manusher kache Purnimar chand ekti jhalshano ruti chara ar kichui noi. 

The availibility of loans or loan- fairs in Indian country destroy our social structure (Joint Family become nuclear family,Economically powerfull family members separated into new flats,new car etc) . Our Demand and greed become multiplied into million times (Age old Joint-Family members shared their possession like car, house,etc with other family memebers, which was the beauty of our social structure and also the main source of strength) but in modern age so called the "Age of Economic development in India" every family member need his own car, flat,etc (Sometime they  donot even want to think about their economic strenght).

Positive side of These immense greed  are:

1) It create huge artificial demand of products boost up our non -essensial  commodity industry. (Because most of the product are not essential for our everyday life like food,medicine,education,wearing etc)

2) Increases our economic strength.

3) Give some people`s employment.

4) Give politician, Businessman immense power and money to rule over people and country.

5) Help to Establish pseudo Monarchy instead of true Republic system throughout the world. Shifting all the wealth and power to few politicians and business magnet specially in India and other developing countries.

Swami Vivekananda said in his famous book "Jyanayoga" that European and American people were wealthy and powerful beacause India and other Afro-Asian people of the poor and weak. In these harmonic world where nothing is created or destroyed according to Ancient Veda, when one  People become rich, causing  many people become poorer .
                                                       World-wide debt problem was only the effect of Immence greed of money and power worldwide.Giving flow of more money to the market and increase more debt and greed make this problem more worst and everlasting. Some people looking again to the Marxism to solve this problem, but according to my view its answer also present in our ancient vedic text and Gita.

1) If you speak The word "Gita" very fast and repeatadetly  the word become "Tyagi", which is the Sanskit meaning of Forsake. It originally means forsake your geed, meanmidedness,selfishness.

2) Do every work with genuine Passion and love without expecting result.Because expecting only positive result pollute your every work .

3) Simple Living and High thinking. Enrich your Knowledge and thoughts with your money.

4) Please feel the difference between the need and greed, because god created this world enough to fulfill every creature`s need, but very few powerfull and greedy  persons (May be 1%) aquire and exploit this rich wealth of the world`s nature and they also think that they are the sole owners of this rich wealth of nature.They donot want to even share with the other 99% of the common mango (Aam) people.

5) After your days work always spend sometime for answering those questions like:
    a) Why we are here in the living world (Not how)?.
    b) Why the world exsist?
    c) Why God or some supreme force created this exsisting world?

6) If Possible live together with your nearest relatives. Share you materialistic possession with your near and dear ones.
Family is the backbone of society , society is the backbone of country and countrys  is the backbone of world of people.

7) Feel the worldwide connection of people (religion, thoughts etc)  through internet. 

Thank you for reading this boring bokowas article of mine.
Wish every people of the world soon become more and more happier people .

Pyramid of Capitalism

Credit-Card and Debt.

The joint family A joint family involves much more than people living under the same roof. Those of you who have experienced it will know its worth. With everyone putting in his or her part, the old joint family system could benefit everyone. 

A joint family involves much more than people living under the same roof. Those of you who have experienced it will know its worth. With everyone putting in his or her part, the old joint family system could benefit everyone.

Not only do your children get to live and grow with their grandparents and cousins, they also learn the value of relationship. They learn to give and take, to be patient, cooperative, tolerant and to adjust with the other family members. Have you ever wondered why some people are so good at teamwork? Well this is where it begins - at home!
The nuclear family If you feel you need your space and cannot disrupt your routine with clashes you probably want to go with the nuclear family system. This definitely has a few benefits like helping you become independent and enables you to bring up your children the way you want without much interference. You may feel fulfillment in achieving your aspirations and in creating your self-identity but can this replace the joint family? Definitely not! A baby sitter can never fill in for the child’s grandparent. What you gain living as a joint family can never be replaced with financial gains.

The word "Gita" very fast and repeatadely the word become "Tyagi", which is the Sanskit meaning of Forsake. It originally means forsake your geed, meanmidedness,selfishness.

if you speak The word "Gita" very fast and repeatadely the word become "Tyagi", which is the Sanskit meaning of Forsake. It originally means forsake your geed, meanmidedness,selfishness.