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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Indrajal Comics Phantom :Prisoner on Mid Sea

Prisoner in The  Mid Sea:

In this Graphic story  An astronaut was kidnapped by the group of pirates in the  middle of tthe sea. The Pirates were kidnapped the astronaut when he landed on the middle of the sea near Denkali forest due to technical defects of  spaceship.  You have to read the full story to know How Phantom rescued the astronaut from the grip of the pirates.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Mandrake: Lost City Of Treasure

Archeologist Dr Archland suddenly found some clue on a stone pillar to   locate the lost treasure city of Maora during a  his archaeological expedition. 
His evil companions during this expedition tried to snatch the suitcase where he written enigmatic scripts which unlock the exact location of the lost city. Dr Archland asked for Mandrake`s help to save himself from his evil companions.

Mandrake  resqued Dr Archland by Madrake`s magic and Lothar immense power. Dr Archland then once again asked Mandrake`s help to decipher the enigmatic code which reveal the exact location of lost city.

You have to read this full graphic story to know how they found the lost city and its lost treasure.


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