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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Phantom Indrajal Comics: Diana in the hand of bank Robberers:

This is the story of Diana when she held as a prisnor in the hand of dangerous bank robberers. The story started when a group of robberers robbed the bank of Denkali and gunned down two policemen before they escaped to the jungle. During that time Diana came to skull cave of Phantom for holiday, Diana was bored in the cave when Phantom was gone out for the meeting with Wembasi clan.  Diana wear the costume of  Julee ( Lady Phantom from few generation back) and gone for jungle night out as a lady Phantom.

During this night out Diana secretly locate the robberers hide out and the place where these robberers hide their robbed treasure. She was caught by the robberers during her return to Phantom . The Phantom`s dog Devil somehow locate the Diana but was wounded by the gunfire of the robberers during escape. 

Phantom   gone for search Diana after looking Devil with his horse Toophan. You Have to read the full story to know how Toophan helped Phantom to locate Diana and punished bank robberers and return back the robbed money to the bank.

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